Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/29/2012: I Can See Clearly Now

OK, break’s over. Back to work — with the energetic efficiency suggested by a feisty hook up between proactive Mars and Moon in perfectionist Virgo. Last week — and some of the weekend — was a bit spacey, with all that nebulous Neptune energy in the air. I wouldn’t be surprised if you found a few snafus made then that need to be corrected now.

Meanwhile, a challenge between Moon and loving Venus (still retrograde) at 1:44PM T suggests good vibes — especially with women. A creative connection between Venus and Uranus — exact on Wednesday — is not to be missed, especially if you’re in need of innovation.  Put your thinking cap on!

Your voids for the work week are practically nil for US time zones — but here they are, for folks reading this overseas: Wednesday  1:50AM – 6:46AM ET; Thursday 9:31PM ET – Friday 8:31AM ET.

Finally, for those who have asked, I will be back from this most excellent astrology conference later this week — and available for consultations on Monday.


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