Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 12/20/2011

Those wonderfully exuberant feelings of good cheer I mentioned yesterday? A number of them are exact today — hooray. Moon enters Scorpio, seeking emotional depths at 5:33AM ET, after a brief rest and self-indulgent embrace from loving Venus at 4:49AM ET. A jolly good bounce from Jupiter, the cosmic sugardaddy follows at 6:14AM ET. Tune into this energy of bliss and you may find — to your surprise — that it’s a most excellent way to meet that Scorpio Moon’s need for power and control.  People may wonder what’s your secret.

Meanwhile, when Venus, planet of beauty, love and social affection leaves social-climbing Capricorn for the eccentric sign of Aquarius at 1:26PM ET, even the stuffiest stuffed shirt may be inclined to respond positively to what is friendly, unconventional and/or surprising. If you are going to a holiday party this evening, watch for overindulgence and grand gestures — especially of the liquid and juicy emotional kind — lest they lead to outrageous opinions expressed that you may later wish you hadn’t.

On Thursday, erratic Uranus challenges the Sun in earthy Capricorn at the first degree of that sign. I anticipate a continuation of the headlines we’ve already been seeing related to jolts, shake-ups, space, aviation, telecommunications, rebels, accidents, innovation, genius and revelation — things that disrupt the status quo. Be advised that events suggested by Uranus tend to show up earlier, rather than later.

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