Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 10/16/2012: Round Two

From the grousing I noted on Facebook about what a frustrating start Monday was to the work week, many of you will be relieved to know that the Moon is officially in gear — no longer void of course as of 8:06PM ET last night,  when it left people-pleasing Libra for intense and moody Scorpio. In Scorpio, as you know from yesterday’s forecast, the need is for depth and substance. Knowledge acquired is used to maintain power and control. It is a fine energy for researching and digging up dirt. Without assistance from other planetary patterns, it can be a tough lunar placement for articulating emotions, given that Scorpions do not talk — or even roar or bellow, as a Lion (Leo) or Bull (Taurus) might do. It does not mean that the emotions aren’t there; quite the contrary.

As it turns out, there is planetary support for the Scorpio Moon today, from ruthless Pluto, mental Mercury and socially gracious Venus. So as long as you are prepared to discuss the details and you have something of substance to say,  go ahead and make your pitch or launch your grand plan. You’ve got until 10:23PM ET to make it count before the Moon once again goes void of course, not to enter high-flying Sagittarius until 8:26PM ET on Thursday. You know the drill on Moon voids: moving in a straight line is often a challenge; crises that crop up are often much ado about nothing; chill, baby, chill.

Meanwhile, there is another debate tonight between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney — at 9PM ET in Hempstead, NY. What might happen? Well, I will be curious to hear what is being said around 9:20PM, 9:45PM, 10:05PM, 10:15PM and 10:23PM. This is a little research project to see if the most memorable moments happen around those times. It is a test of a theory, mind you — not a prediction.

The chart for the debate has the Scorpio Moon almost exactly conjunct Mercury (mind, communication) in the 6th House, ruling the 2nd House. What does that suggest? How about emotional, intense concerns from the “town hall” audience about jobs and healthcare (6th House) and how we are going to be able to afford it (2nd House). Well, DUH, you might say — but isn’t it interesting that this is supported by the chart for the debate? And the responses to the questions asked darn well better be of substance, as required by that Scorpio Moon. Or else.

Mitt Romney happens to have Moon in Scorpio — conjunct optimistic Jupiter — so his level of comfort may be higher that Barack Obama’s. What Romney lacks, however, is any Earth in his horoscope, suggesting he may be challenged to ground grand schemes in the specifics of practical application. Nothing new here. Transits in Romney’s horoscope do suggest he can easily connect with the public, despite the current nebulous Neptune fog shrouding his “real” identity and what he really believes. Well, one of his advisers did say in March that the Romney campaign would be re-set in the fall, just like an  Etch-a-Sketch.

Barack Obama may well be looking as if he is chomping at the bit, right from the start — with a potential sharp remark within a few minutes of 9PM. His natal Uranus exactly opposes the Midheaven — point of public status — of the debate chart. Aggressive Mars in opinionated Sagittarius is challenging his natal Pluto, which rules his natal Midheaven. Despite his extracurricular activities, which include having a full-time job and two school-aged children living at home, planetary patterns do suggest he will deliver a debate performance sharp enough to prevent his loyal supporters from throwing all their toys out of the pram. Would it help if he wore a cape and tights? And when Obama does jab, Mitt Romney will likely jab right back, given that Romney’s natal Mars is under pressure from transiting Mars, too.  Obama is the one who apparently needs to make up ground from the last encounter, and odds are strong that he will. Let’s see if there is a noticeable drop in energy or lack of focus after 10:23PM ET, when Moon goes void.

In the third and final debate on October 22nd, voters will be thrilled when Obama and Romney dispense with debating all together and go mano a mano — live — from the MGM Grand in beautiful Las Vegas. OK, perhaps that’s a bit of a stretch. But if you Google “obama vs. romney boxing”….well…I will not be held responsible for the consequences.











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