Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/3/2012: Full Moon in Capricorn, Anderson Cooper & Julian Assange

Could be a rollicking morning as the Moon, now in “make-it-happen” Capricorn squares off against rebel Uranus at 8:45AM ET. A surprise, a flash of insight — or some other disruption of the status quo? Add to this the potentially combustible entry of the Red Planet, Mars, in peace-seeking Libra at 8:32AM ET. OK, pop quiz to those of you who have been reading the forecast diligently for some months. What is significant about the beginning of Libra (and Aries, Cancer and Capricorn)? Can you remember? That’s right — zero degrees of Libra is at the Aries Point, a place in the zodiac of special significance or prominence, also suggesting a turning point. So with Mars in Libra at the Aries Point, we can expect assertions of will (Mars) — perhaps even related to a relationship (for better or for worse) — expressed to the public. Keep an eye out for such events from July 1-8.

The Moon reaches exact fullness at 2:52PM ET at 12 Cancer/Capricorn. What do the Sabian Symbols reveal? For the Sun, “one hand slightly flexed with a very prominent thumb”; for the Moon “a fire worshipper”.  How interesting to see the word “prominent” echoed in a chart with Mars at the prominent Aries Point.  And how interesting that Mars refers to willpower…and in palmistry, an inflexible thumb suggests someone with a stubborn will. Accentuating the thumb — with a ring, for example — is usually an indication of anger issues. We become angry when we perceive that our will is thwarted or otherwise blocked. Anger is another keyword related to Mars.

For “a fire worshipper”, Blain Bovee points out that fire is “the active phase of combustion of passion and spirit”. I think of flames of desire…which is another expression of willpower. OK. So. Building on your New Moon agenda from two weeks ago, in which it was suggested that you fine tune your patterns of thought and communication so that they are aligned with what you really want…now we have a cosmic green light to release (the Full Moon is about release) what you want to the Universe, so that it may manifest. Blain Bovee writes:  “…look for characteristics of resolve, conviction, inner strength; or inflexibility; unyielding in one’s stance; fixed in one’s beliefs”.

Well, OK. What do you want? Can you articulate it clearly and precisely? I raise this question because it has been brought to my attention via more than one source in recent weeks, and with every source saying the same thing, I will share it with you. Somewhere, years ago — I read in Eckhardt Tolle’s book, The Power of Now…or maybe it was Conversations With God…or maybe it was Illusions, by Richard Bach (all great books about how the world is quick to respond to our words and thoughts,which is how we create our reality on this Big Blue Marble)…and what I read was this: the Universe — or whatever it is that turns our thoughts into reality has an odd way of agreeing with whatever you think or say. If you are thinking, “I am no good; I am not qualified to get that job”, the Universe will find ways to agree with you. If you are thinking horrible thoughts about someone, that person will be more likely to act horribly to you. But if someone has a reputation for acting horribly and you begin thinking of them as “lovely and talented,” for example, you will be more likely to have a positive experience with them.

Eliminating negatives such as “don’t” and “can’t” are also key in manifesting desire.  Thinking, “oh, geez, I don’t want to be late,” when you are trapped in a stalled subway train on your way to an important meeting is less effective than thinking, “somehow I’ll get there on time”.  In fact, consider eliminating the word “want” from your list of wants, as in “I want to be earning more money” or “I want to attract my soulmate”. Why? Because the Universe is likely to agree with your statement…and leave you wanting! This is why affirmations are stated as an “active positive”, as in, “I am attracting my soulmate” or “I am generating more income”, so that the response may be a huge statement of YES, YOU ARE!

OK — in the news, Anderson Cooper shocks…well, not so many people…with a simple statement that he is gay, always has been and is very happy about it, thank you very much.  What is interesting from an astro-logical point of view is that the timing of this statement is perfectly reflected in the horoscope. Mr. Cooper was born June 3, 1967 at 3:46PM in NY, NY. He’s a Gemini with Moon in Aries, Libra rising. He needs to be a pioneer, to inspire, to be first, to be courageous  (Moon in Aries)– as he applies his Gemini Sun energy to being clever and informative.  He is the personification of integrity in relationship (Libra rising) and his public image is one of sensitivity and caring (Cancer Midheaven), even in the most dangerous situations (Mars is on the Ascendant; Mr. Cooper has a long track record as a war correspondent, bringing us a behind-the-scenes perspective).

Mr. Cooper’s Mercury — relating to his mindset — has been going through a major transformation, courtesy of the Uranus-Pluto square, presumably leading to emancipation and empowerment (the cycle completes in December). As the New York Times article states (click the link in the preceding paragraph), “But his thinking changed over time…”  Exactly! Meanwhile, Saturn, planet of structure has just crossed his 19 degrees of Libra rising for a third and final hit, suggesting a newly crystalized sense of identity after a period of releasing whatever no longer serves.  Transiting Saturn is currently opposing his natal Moon at 23 Aries in the 7th house (the public) and squaring his Midheaven, suggesting an ambitious and/or major change of direction that is directly related to professional and/or family status.  (Moon rules the Midheaven). So simple, so perfectly timed — bravo, Mr. Cooper!

Julian Assange is not so simple. A reader has requested some thoughts, so here they are. The  current birth data of record is July 3, 1971 at 3PM in Townsville, Australia. Sun at 10 degrees of Cancer in the 8th house of “other peoples affairs”, squaring rebel Uranus (which also refers to technology & genius).  Moon in Scorpio (needing to be seen as a person of depth and substance, gaining knowledge for the sake of power and control) is in the 12th house (working behind-the-scenes), ruling the 9th (internationalism and publishing). Ascendant is 2 degrees of scruffy Sagittarius, with natal Neptune and Jupiter on the Ascendant, opposed by restrictive Saturn on the cusp of the 7th (other people).  Saturn rules the 3rd house, which refers to communication and knowledge. Jupiter is in Scorpio, ruling the 12th of the self-undoing and government institutions; this man needs to be on a mission, likely involving a leap of faith. Mars is in Aquarius opposing the Midheaven, suggesting he needs to be a rebel with a cause in areas related to homeland security, applied as a public service (Mars rules the 6th house of service).

Assange’s horoscope has been a hotbed of activity for some years now. In late 2010, when Wikileaks began releasing volumes of unclassified and classified U.S. diplomatic cables, ruthless Pluto and rebel Uranus were in challenging aspect to his Midheaven and Ascendant, suggesting upheaval, power plays and prominence. What’s going on in Assange’s horoscope right now? Last year, nebulous Neptune squared Jupiter, suggesting tricky legalisms in a chart that is already predisposed to weirdness in that arena. Neptune is  squaring the Ascendant and Saturn, again pumping up the volume of weirdness and veil of mystery/confusion/illusion that is a natural part of Assange’s existence. If you’ve been following the Assange drama, a court in London declared he could be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of sexual assault. Somehow, Assange turned up in the embassy of Ecuador (surprise!), where he is seeking political asylum. Will he be granted asylum? I am not sure, but I do note a couple of strong positive measurements suggesting assistance and success, which are exact on July 18th and August 29th . Additionally, a geographic relocation is suggested — but the question is, to where? Looking at the astrocartography of his horoscope relocated Ecuador, it could certainly provide a refuge for an emancipated and empowered rebel. Still, there are strong forces that presumably would prefer to see him shipped off to Sweden. With Assange’s Sun at 10 Cancer about to be hit by the Uranus-Pluto square starting at the end of next year and continuing through 2013, I expect to see more dramatic stories of his (potential) emancipation and empowerment continuing through then.


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