Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 10/15/2012: New Moon in Libra

Happy Monday…happy New Moon…happy start of the work week…sort of. The New Moon happens in Libra at 8:03AM ET and immediately goes void-of-course until 8:06PM ET, suggesting your New Moon intentions may wander aimlessly until more light is literally shed on the matter in a day or two. Libra is the sign of relationship, and wherever it falls in your horoscope is area of your life where relationships and partnerships may be of significance in this lunar cycle. It suggests an opportunity for new relationships and partnerships in that area of your life, too. Get out and mingle over the next few weeks!

Whatever you’ve got on your plate this month, I’ll wager it is served with an idealistic spin and perhaps an inclination to indulgent excess. Why? Because of two aspects exact on Tuesday, both of which involve Venus (social expression, money, women, art). One is a communicative connection with mental Mercury, suggesting an easy flow of ideas, presented in the best possible light. The other is challenge from expansive Jupiter, which could be experienced as information overload, acid indigestion (as in, “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing”) or reports of wretched excess enjoyed with abandon — and perhaps now regretted. Interesting to read what appears to be regret in Dominique Strauss-Kahn’s latest libertine confession, which sounds very much like the last libertine confession, except now Jupiter (expansion, excess) is retrograde, which suggests a review of past excess/expansion/idealism might be in order. Amazing. (Regular readers of the forecast know we’ve been tracking DSK for over a year, as an excellent example of how the potent Uranus-Pluto square can be reflected in an individual horoscope).

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon at 22 Libra is “a chanticleer” and it is one we saw earlier this year — when Saturn turned direct at 22 Libra on June 25th. Here’s what was written about this Sabian Symbol then:

“…Chanticleer”, which I have just learned is the proper name of a rooster from medieval time who appeared in the tales of Reynard the Fox. “Chanticleer” loosely translates as “sing clearly” or “sing loudly”, presumably while strutting with pride, as a rooster is wont to do. Chanticleer announces the dawn of a new day, in a fashion that is impossible to ignore. Of course another word for rooster is “cock”. Which makes me think of many cocks crowing with pride…or announcements and initiatives that may strike us as cocksure or just plain cocky.

Dawn of a new day, eh? And the symbol for the New Moon is referring back to Saturn, hmm? Let’s look at that further. This is the first New Moon in 30 years with Saturn in Scorpio. This is a very heavy placement for the planet that refers to ambition, controls and time. Gone are the rational theories of fairness and balance of Saturn in Libra. Saturn in Scorpio demands actual substance, as in “put your money where your mouth is” and “that balance (Libra) is due now (Scorpio).” I am fascinated to note that the chart for the New Moon in Washington DC shows Saturn exactly on the Ascendant. Heavy! And yet that is exactly what is up for Washington during this lunar cycle, as the Day of Reckoning a.k.a. Election Day finally happens on November 6th.

There is tremendous potential for creativity and dream manifestation in this lunar cycle. And there is tremendous potential for the real to become unreal, suggested by Saturn still in contact with nebulous Neptune (discussed last week). Yes, Saturn can give substance to a dream. And yet, Neptune tends to dissolve substance. How to move forward in times ripe with potential for idealism and excess (noted at the top of the forecast)?  The chart for this New Moon suggests a need for discrimination and discernment. Be careful and precise about what you wish for, especially in social interactions and relationships. Push for details in a grand plan. Be advised that Mercury turns retrograde on November 6th, adding its usual potential for confusion and snafus in thinking and communication processes. So if you can hash out details and come to consensus before the Full Moon in a couple of weeks, then do it.

Moon voids for the week: Monday 8:03AM-8:06PM ET; Tuesday 10:23PM ET- Wednesday 8:26PM ET; Friday 10/19 4:27PM ET- 9:41PM ET. Plan accordingly.

And now, the news. On Friday I suggested watching the headlines for “nifty technological breakthroughs” (courtesy of Mars in adventurous Sagittarius trine technogeek Uranus in pioneering Aries). Boy, oh boy did we have a nifty one on Sunday. Who watched Austrian “professional daredevil” Felix Baumgartner fly 24 miles or so to the edge of space and then jump out of plane, thus becoming the first sky diver to break the sound barrier (but not a single bone!)? The chart for the scheduled — scheduled jump, mind you — at 12:07PM 10/15/2012 in Roswell, NM is a spectacular reflection of the revolutionary potential of the Uranus-Pluto square. Why? Because, as with the Mars Curiosity landing covered in this forecast in August, the chart shows rebel Uranus on an angle of the chart, with breaking-down-barriers Pluto also engaged. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Let the record show that rebel Uranus is extremely prominent in Baumgartner’s horoscope (April 20/1969 in Salzburg, Austria — time unknown). Why? Because it is at the Aries Point. Regular readers will recall that a planet at the Aries Point (around the first degree of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) needs to gain prominence. In Baumgarter’s case, it is absolutely clear that he needs to be known for taking big risks. Fortunately, in his horoscope, Uranus is aligned with Jupiter, And that is often very, very lucky.

Another technological breakthrough not nearly as sexy as Baumgartner’s, but perhaps ultimately with way more amazing consequences is the work of this year’s Nobel prizewinners in Physics in a field called quantum information. I loved every word of this mind-blowing article, especially since it introduced me to the equally mind-blowing paradox of Schrodinger’s cat. Really, you are going to need this full day of Moon void-ness to let your mind contemplate that one. This led me to another thought-provoking article about how two sane people can have complete different understandings of reality. I will probably get in trouble for mentioning it, meaning that I may alienate a few of my cherished readers, which will make me very sad. But this man’s personal journey is very much in line with current planetary patterns of what is real and what is not, suggested by Saturn and Neptune…not to mention the upheaval of the status quo suggested by the Uranus-Pluto square. Which all ties in perfectly with the breakthroughs in how we perceive reality, as described in the article about the work of the Nobel physicists.

Have a fabulous dawn of a new day — and thank you for reading the forecast!


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