Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 5/10/2011: Hillary Clinton Photo-Shopped Out

More thoughts on idealism. continued from yesterday’s forecast. As I was sipping my morning coffee while scanning the headlines, I was stunned to find this item about Hillary Clinton and another woman being photoshopped out of this now-iconic image taken at the White House last Sunday  Talk about seeing the world through rose-colored glasses!

In astrology there are certain patterns in a horoscope that suggest a client might have issues with reality. On the plus side, planetary hook ups between Mercury and Venus, for example (the pattern in effect yesterday and all through this week), can suggest great vision (especially when nebulous Neptune is also involved).  On the downside, it signals a possible inability to face the facts. I have come to appreciate how idealism functions as a necessary defense in early childhood. “Why does this horoscope suggest,” I might ask a client, “that the relationship with your mother might have been somewhat bewildering?”  A client with strong idealism might deny this…and only later in the session does it come out that Mom was an alcoholic, hooked on painkillers or some other bewildering (to the child) condition. Idealism!

Getting back to the two women edited out of a photo. The editors of the newspaper in question stated in their defense, “In accord with our religious beliefs, we do not publish photos of women, which in no way relegates them to a lower status.” Idealism or realism? What do you think? Current planetary patterns strongly suggest that it’s the former. And then — this is where it gets interesting — we are moved to ask why?  As in, why is it deemed necessary to protect women from the eyes of men. What hard, cold reality could be denied or suppressed?

In other news, Maria Shriver and Arnold Schwarzenegger announced their separation after 25 years of marriage. What patterns typically associated with a need for independence and transformation (that might cause stress on a marriage) are active in their horoscopes? In the case of Ms. Shriver, disruptive Uranus and nebulous Neptune suggest tension and bewilderment in relationship and identity areas (11/6/55 5:12PM Chicago, IL). In the case of Mr. Schwarzenegger, we see disruptive Uranus, “change or die” Pluto and nebulous Neptune suggesting a change of perspective in relationship and also bewilderment (7/30 /47 4:10AM Graz, Austria). Your friendly neighborhood astrologer can help you pinpoint times of stress in your significant relationships, too.

Today’s First Quarter Moon suggests a challenge to your New Moon agenda of turning your dreams into reality. There’s also the potential for abundance, ranging from the glorious to the wretchedly excessive (note to those keeping an eye on the rising waters of the Mississippi: keep your fingers crossed through Wednesday). A grand and festive Moon in Leo imbues the day with a desire to lord it over all. If you were born around April 16th, you could buy a couple of lottery tickets. In fact, anyone with a planet at 25 degrees of Aries might take a chance on Lady Luck today and tomorrow.

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