Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 1/13/2014: Mind the Void

Good morning!

Many thanks to Laura, an avid reader who sent me this lovely email response to last week’s PSA about
Thanks for the tip on finding unclaimed cash during the retro Venus. So far, I’ve found $ for my ex-husband, mother, father and current sister in law on our Illinois site! They’re all quite excited. Wow! Love your newsletter, it’s oh so helpful!

You’re so welcome, Laura. I am delighted to be of service!


In the Americas, you’re waking up in the middle of a 27 hour-long void-of-course Moon that began Sunday at 4:33PM ET. The Moon does not get into gear until 7:25PM ET, when it leaves chatty Gemini for nurturing Cancer. Sleeping in past your usual wake-up call is not an unusual Moon-void occurrence, and chances are you may do it without consequence. Plus, sleeping in is actually good for you, and now scientists are beginning to understand why we need to “spend a third of our lives completely out of it” (see the preceding link for details).

Take care of routine tasks today, and see if you notice any odd twist in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Enjoy whatever detour may crop up, even if your plane happens to land at the wrong airport, as some passengers flying Southwest Airlines discovered last night. Remember that crises that crop up often turn out to be “much ado about nothing.” Also remember that Moon voids favor surprise upsets and underdogs in competitions, such as last night’s “messy” Golden Globes.

The work week really gets into gear on Tuesday, and in the Americas, there are no other Moon voids to distract you during business hours. Highlights of the week, in terms of planetary patterns, include a Full Moon on late Wednesday night, followed by a charged-up challenge between Venus (women) and Mars (men) on Thursday. Juicy for some; nasty for others; everyone please remember your manners…

In the news, I’m bummed to report an unfortunate “breakthrough” story concerning toxins and water, as reflected by Neptune’s sojourn through Pisces. It involves a company with the mind-blowing name of Freedom Industries, Inc., which owns a chemical-storage facility that just happens to be on a river, and apparently it’s had the freedom to do whatever it darn well pleased since at least 1991 because oopsie. And as of Thursday, 300,000 people in West Virginia have been without drinking water for four days... Gah!

Getting back to the Moon void spirit, so as to end on a lighter note because Monday:  the annual No Pants Subway Ride happened yesterday, with citizens in 25 countries participating.  Talk about a twist in your usual routine, as well as somebody’s knickers…

This bright yellow is brought to you by today’s inquisitive Moon in Gemini. It appeals to curious types needing valuable information about their unique horoscopes. A personal astro-logical consultation is sure to satisfy…

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