Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/10/2014 & The Weekend: Money Talks

Another day of practical, organizing Moon-in-Taurus energy could relieve the high-voltage charge many of you have reported feeling at the start of the work week. Sensory overload, was it? Too many roaring egos? The next few days offer potential for grounded and realistic communications, likely involving social status and/or business concerns, thanks to helpful connections between the Sun and Venus to disciplined Saturn. Issues on the table might be a second pass at something that came up around November 24th. If so, you’re likely to get a final hit on the matter around February 25th.

Your only caveat today is the potential wet blanket suggested by a stubborn opposition between Saturn and the Moon around 2PM ET. On the plus side, this very same aspect could also be reflected in an ambitious reach. What will it be for you?

Remember, the energy symbolized by planetary patterns is neither positive nor negative. We have plenty of say in how we choose to use and experience it. You know this cold snap that has had most of America whingeing all week? Entomologists have been doing cartwheels over it, hoping the freezing temperatures will wipe out zillions of invasive pests. Put those long johns on with a smile, and think of how great it is for the trees. Look for a silver lining in any given situation, no matter how unpleasant it may seem.

On Saturday you’ll likely sleep through a very brief void before the Moon enters Gemini at 7:26AM ET. Great for conversation, communication and information — especially with the patterns described above. On Sunday, Moon goes void at 4:23PM ET…and doesn’t enter Cancer until 7:25 PM ET on MONDAY. Ship it Friday if you can…

…and if you didn’t see it yesterday, here’s another chance for you to find a check with your name on it. Go to – it will connect you to the Unclaimed Property Departments run by state comptrollers of all 50 states — and some parts of Canada. Go to the site for every state you’ve ever lived in — see if your name is listed and file a claim. Reviewing finances is a perfect Venus retrograde activity, doncha’ know.  Let me know if you hit pay dirt — and share this forecast with all of your friends and relations. You will make their day.

This soothing pink color is brought to you by the Moon in comfort-seeking Taurus, moooooving you to organize your plans for material security in 2014. A personal astro-logical consultation would be an excellent building block for this project.


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