Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/22/2010

Happy Monday! We woke up with a wobble — the Sun left Scorpio this AM and entered the sign of Sagittarius, the Archer — half man, half horse — and affectionately dubbed by yours truly as “the philosopher clown”. Why? Because Sag has opinions on just about everything and they are usually all to happy to tell you exactly what they are. These opinions, however, are usually concerned with deep, “big picture” ideas, delivered enthusiastically and with an eye on the heavens (the Archer aims his bow toward the sky — who knows why). Still, all the wisdom in the world doesn’t help when you are aiming for the stars and tripping over your four cloven “feet”; hence, “philosopher clown” (fortunately Sag has a terrific sense of humor). At any rate, be patient with yourself adjusting to the fiery shift in tone.

Lots of information hitting the airwaves today, thanks to Moon in chatty Gemini. Maybe there will be talk about the illumination you may have experienced about new lines of communication made over the weekend…hmmm?

Heads up for Angelenos: Moon goes void on Tuesday for three hours, starting at 1: 56…until 5:14. Try to get it done before lunch tomorrow.

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