Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday-Thursday 11/23 – 25/2010

The week of October 17th-23rd was notable for a number of aspects between nebulous Neptune and other planets: Moon, Mercury, Sun and Mars. Feedback from readers was that, as anticipated, it was a bit loopy, dreamy, mystical and/or magical. I also noted this relevant, idealistic news item in my calendar on Oct. 20th: “Taliban Elite, Aided by NATO, Join in Talks for Peace” Peace — wow – could this be true?  Well, Neptune has been known to pour oil on troubled waters (in fact, it rules both).  And Neptune has also been known to put on quite a show — a display of charisma — an illusion, especially if Mars is involved (which it was). Fast forward to an article that appeared minutes ago in the NY Times: “Taliban Leader in Secret Talks Was an Impostor”  Isn’t astrology fun?

If you thought Monday was busy, Tuesday looks even busier. The Moon in “need to inform and be informed” Gemini is bouncing off six planets from 12:22AM NY time until it goes void of course with a sigh at 4:56PM NY. Dizzy! More weirdness may kick in around lunchtime on the East Coast, courtesy of Neptune (again!) and innovative, eccentric, erratic Uranus. Surprise!

Chill out during the void period, which ends at 8:14PM when Moon goes into emotional security-focused Cancer, where it will remain all through Thanksgiving Day — suggesting we may truly be able to express our gratitude and appreciation for the comforts of home among cherished family and friends —  without the fireworks.

On the other hand…I’m thinking the potentially nasty challenge from ruthless Pluto to that vulnerable Moon on Wednesday, followed by a potentially restrictive, rigid, authoritarian, control freak (shall I go on?) downer of a contact to Moon from Saturn on Wednesday evening could make for some very interesting headlines on the biggest travel day of the year, especially with a protest allegedly planned against the new “security” measures implemented by the TSA. Whatever snags you may encounter in your travels on Wednesday (and you may not encounter any at all), take comfort in the probability that when you do reach your destination, a loving and joyful experience awaits. Happy Thanksgiving!!

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