Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/19/2010 and the Weekend

Several readers mentioned feeling a bit wobbly yesterday, which can happen when planets change signs and/or directions. And yesterday it was Jupiter (expansion) and Venus (social expression), moving forward after some months (Jupiter) and some weeks (Venus). Patience is required under these energetic shifts, and frankly, patience wasn’t likely on deck yesterday, with Moon in impulsive, “not now, but RIGHT NOW” Aries.

Today is different. Today we have Moon in “keep things exactly as they are”, poky old stubborn Taurus. The pace may slow down and give you time to dig deep. Sensual experiences — food, music, massages — can be happily placed on your agenda tonight and through Sunday AM.

Saturday you can establish material security to your heart’s content at the mall or around the home — there is no void of course Moon to interfere with your purchasing power. Do note the potential for intense verbal fencing and/or overblown opinions during the day, courtesy of a hook-up between Mercury (mind) and Mars (actions) in enthusiastic, high-flying Sagittarius.

Sunday the Moon waxes full at 29 degrees of Taurus, opposing the last degree of moody bastard Scorpio. Recall your New Moon agenda of laying down or repairing lines of communication. What new light will be shed today? Here are two clues, suggested by the Sabian Symbols (some day I’ll write about where those came from): “A peacock parading on an ancient lawn” and “A Halloween jester” — and now, I’ll just quote from Blain Bovee’s book on Sabian Symbols, for a detailed description because it says it all:  “Consider the genius to work beyond the struggles of power and cooperation; a balance of discriminating intelligence with intangible impressions; the ability to laugh at oneself, the see the divine humor at play in all thing; to see the humor in human folly; a genuine smile; feeling at home; a consummate attitude of ‘there is much to admire and much to smile about'”

There. That’s your Full Moon illumination – may it enable you to lay down lines of communication with confidence into new frontiers.Thanks, Blain!

Anyone in Congress reading this forecast? I didn’t think so. Sigh. But some day…. — please bookmark this page and tell all your friends and relations! besides, the holidays are almost here! : )

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