Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/18/2011 and the Weekend: Happy Vernal Equinox 2011!

TGIF, you say? Finding peace and quiet over the weekend — certainly in the headlines — could be a bit of a challenge. Moon is in precise, perfecting Virgo on Friday, working to bring order out of chaos and overcome whatever possible obstacle is dropped on our desks in the AM. Take the time to think it through, as opposed to reacting defensively.

Saturday through Monday might be exciting and/or disruptive. The Full Moon on Saturday is quite potent — at 29 degrees of Virgo opposing the Sun at 29 degrees of Pisces, the same degree status quo-disrupting Uranus was at on March 10th. I’ll be watching headlines in Japan and the Middle East. After a two hour void, Moon enters people-pleasing Libra at 4:03PM EDT, raising our awareness of our need to relate, perhaps creating a conflict with other needs to be free. Compromise, anyone? Perhaps not.

Sun enters Aries on Sunday at 7:21PM EDT, officially marking the first day of Spring, the beginning of a new cycle and the possibility for a big cosmic, seismic or consciousness shift. But wait — there’s more: Sun meets up with rebel Uranus at the Aries Point (remember the forecasts I posted earlier this month about the Aries Point and why it is so sensitive and significant?) Monday at 8:25AM EDT. In your own personal world, what state of independence and innovation are you about to declare? Take the leap, have courage, be a pioneer. Excitement can be a positive thing! In world affairs, I will be surprised if someone or someplace isn’t shaken up over the weekend by rebellions, accidents or wicked weather.

In Los Angeles, the actual weather forecast for Sunday and Monday calls for rain, which appears to be supported by nebulous Neptune and Mars in watery Pisces. But rain in LA can be wicked.  Be careful on the roads, wherever you may be driving this weekend. One more thing: Mercury turns retrograde March 30th. Back up your computer today.

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