Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/16/2011: How to Handle Moon in Leo

After the Moon void ended at 3:33 PM EDT yesterday, you may have noted a decidedly fiery shift in mood, as Moon entered Leo, a sign that needs to loved and adored (if you’re involved with someone with Moon in Leo, do tell them how fabulous they are several times a day — that’s your key to making that relationship a success).

We also had an enthusiastic, inspirational connection between Mercury (mind) and Jupiter (expansion) in pioneering Aries, perhaps leading us to think big, optimistic thoughts — never mind those pesky details.Today we have more potential for exuberance in your own personal world — hopefully of the constructive kind, not the irrational. Other than the potential for encounters with certain Leonine drama queens, the aspects today are pretty darn positive.

Meanwhile, in Japan… As is often the case with the charts of nations, there are several horoscopes in use; the one for modern Japan preferred by my mentor is November 3, 1946 at 8:30 AM in Tokyo –this is the horoscope for the official birth of the Constitution. It’s interesting to see status-quo disrupting Uranus making an exact connection to the this chart’s Sun/Moon midpoint (for civilians: this is an especially sensitive point in a horoscope, as advanced students of astrology will appreciate) at 29 Pisces; note that 29 Pisces is in a challenging square to that potent lunar eclipse at 29 Gemini-29 Sagittarius on the 2010 Winter Solstice (12/21/2010 — if you want to review that forecast). Note that 29 Pisces will be triggered again by the Full Moon on the 19th; now is a good time to send calm, healing thoughts across the Pacific — if you happen to believe that such thoughts can be beneficial.

It would also be a reeaalllllly good time for the whole planet to get serious about safe, sustainable energy resources and our (rusting, rotting) infrastructure, as suggested by current challenges to Pluto (radiation, resources underground) in Capricorn (government institutions). 2012-2015 is just around the corner… …and hey! so is Spring! : )

P.S. I’ll be back on the air this Thursday at 9PM PDT — guesting on “Get Real” with Shaman Durek — we’ll be talking astrology, taking calls and all kinds of fun stuff:

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