Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 2/21/2014 & the Weekend: Eight Miles High?

More of the same Moon in Scorpio intense emotional energy today, which can be efficiently applied to tasks involving depth-seeking, organization and control. Note the potential for a need to speak out around 1PM ET, when Mercury is squared by the Moon. A lighter social vibe is suggested after lunch (ET), though the close of the work week may end on a serious focus, as the Moon aligns with stern Saturn at 5:10PM ET and then goes void with a deep sigh  until 5:12AM ET on Saturday. West Coasters: perhaps you can start your weekend early, as Moon voids suggest natural breaks in the action. Take the evening off to chill.

Saturday and Sunday feature an intriguing combination. Moon will be in high-flying Sagittarius, needing to tell everyone and their dog what they think in very righteous terms. Sag is an optimistic, big picture-oriented energy that loves a good gamble or gambol. Broaden your mind; get out in nature; treat yourself to a foreign movie or some other culture that is not your own.

On Sunday, as noted in a prior forecast, the Sun makes its annual hook up with nebulous Neptune at 1:11PM ET.  It’s an excellent weekend for vision, healing, music, spirit, art…as well as rose-colored escapes, delusion, fantasy, drugs, deception and maybe a story about oil and water — watch the news and the weather. Maybe catch up on all those movies you’ve been meaning to see in preparation for the upcoming Oscars, too…

Noting a couple of Sun-Neptune themed stories in the headlines, combined with the “windfall” potential of next week’s Jupiter-Uranus square (discussed earlier this week). Exhibit A: a story about a billionaire philanthropist and how he’s fixing things our government can not afford, y’know, like repairing national monuments. Neptune refers to to charity and salvation. Exhibit B: Colorado,  which has legalized pot,  is expecting windfall tax revenues from this mostly all-cash business (read the article to find out why it is all-cash); it’s fascinating. Neptune refers to drugs; Jupiter-Uranus refers to windfalls. Exhibit C: Neptune refers to charitable institutions and spirituality; Jupiter refers to religion (collective belief systems) and no small dose of pomp. Thus in New Jersey, we find an aging archbishop who is adding a 3000 square foot addition to his existing 4500 square foot vacation home…after closing a school two years ago that served a “working-class city” because of an alleged lack of funds. Quite a Jupiter-Uranus windfall for the archbishop, perhaps; while others may find it rather Sun-Neptune bewildering (Neptune can have a bewildering effect). Maybe if the Church started selling pot…

Monday morning features a Moon void between 4:25AM and 8:50AM ET — adding a potential twist to your commute if you live on the East Coast. After that, no slacking off, as the Moon will be in “make it happen” Capricorn. Why not make things happen in your own personal world and schedule an appointment for a personal astro-logical consultation. Or forward this forecast to five of your dearest friends, with gratitude…

P.S. the subject heading of today’s forecast is brought to you by the revolutionary Uranus-Pluto conjunction of 1965-66,inspired by the current heady mix of planetary patterns and performed by The Byrds. Cue “Eight Miles High” now, please…

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