Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 6/4/2014: Venus Sextile Neptune in the News

A slow start or twist to your morning, suggested by the Moon still adrift in “love me do” Leo. That could be a beautiful thing, given a harmonious aspect between Venus and Neptune at 9:16AM ET. Have you been keeping track of your dreams?

As of 10:20AM ET, Moon gets into gear in earthy, discerning Virgo, an excellent placement for getting perfectly organized and refined. Not only that, but there’s an innovative connection between the Gemini Sun and techno-geek Uranus that’s in effect for the next few days — great for thinking outside of the box. So forge ahead today and tomorrow — and remember to BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW, given that Mercury will be retrograde as of 7:57AM ET Saturday until July 1st.

And now, the news.

I’m seeing plenty of headlines reflecting the beautiful ideal and/or escape suggested by the aforementioned aspect between Venus (women, art, money, beauty) and Neptune (faith, illusion, salvation, drugs). Here’s a story about a tattoo artist who helps women who have had a mastectomy recreate the illusion of a normal breast. Here’s a techno-geek story about one of America’s greatest illusions: Marilyn Monroe, who would have been 88 on Monday.  Here’s a kaleidoscopic image of the universe — in colors never seen before — courtesy of the good folks who work with the Hubble Space Telescope.  And speaking of kaleidoscopic bliss, Alexander Shulgin, known for creating over “200 psychedelic compounds,” including Ecstasy, passed away yesterday.  No birth time available, but I’d bet fifty cents that his Taurus Moon is squared by Neptune in Leo.

Fascinating to note that Mr. Shulgin was 88 — which is the third time that number has come up in this forecast in three days. Here’s what 88 suggests, according to those who know something about Angel Numbers.

Meanwhile, Neptune also refers to music, so it makes sense to see a feature story on a prominent woman in music on the NYT home page. This would be Beyonce, who just happens to have Venus sextile Neptune in her natal chart — and that’s the aspect exact today.  Interesting to see the word “vanishing” twice on today’s NYT homepage. That’s a very Neptunian word. Here’s story about a vanishing island in Louisiana. It’s vanishing because of rising sea levels (Neptune refers to water, oceans and toxins, too). The “vanishing” of recently-freed POW Bowe Bergdahl  (before he was captured by the Taliban) is another headline with Neptunian themes, including salvation and bewilderment.

Finally, a few other items involving ginormous quantities of water. First, a companion story to the vanishing island is this hard-headed look at how Norfolk, Virginia is responding to the fact that 1) the land it sits on is sinking; and 2) oceans are rising. Equally fascinating is that Norfolk is the site of our largest military base, and that a recent vote by the House “Science” Committee would “prohibit defense spending on climate change research and the social cost of carbon analysis,” i.e., as the linked article notes, “the Pentagon is being ordered to ignore climate science.” Maybe no one on the House Science Committee has ever been to Norfolk…

…which leads me to the last fun fact of the day involving water — in the form of hurricanes.  The headline was quite provocative: “Female-named Hurricanes Kill More Than Male Hurricanes Because People Don’t Respect Them, Study Finds”. Predictably, this story has sparked much debate and disbelief….to be continued at a water cooler near you.

…though I’d much rather talk about you and what’s going on your horoscope. Or about your child’s horoscope, which provides insight on helping you understand his or her needs (which are likely different from yours). Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.


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