Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/29/2012: A Day for a Long Lunch

Last night the Gemini Moon made contact with jolly Jupiter at 8:04PM ET, suggesting a buoyant mood that will carry us through today.  Did you buy your lottery tickets? Of course it was a mad frenzy with Jupiter conjunct the Moon. People are thinking BIG!

The hook-up with Jupiter is the last planetary connection Moon will make while it is in Gemini…and…having made that last contact, the Moon is now said to be “void-of-course” until it enters the next sign (Cancer) at 8:55AM ET on FRIDAY. Everybody clear on that? This loooooong period of the Moon DWV (Driving While Void) suggests a natural break in the action — for you, for me, for everyone. Chill if you can. Meditate. Cogitate. Do something playful that engages your mind in an informative way, but without any expectation of results. If you are Barack Obama, invite Mitt Romney to lunch. Sure, the flake factor is higher during Moon voids, as well as surprise twists in efforts to move forward in a straight line. But the press won’t be there, so who cares? Plus, aggressive Mars has moved past ruthless Pluto, and is now in a cooperative, communicative and downright appealing connection with loving Venus. Very smart!

People are still googling “Mitt Romney horoscope,” wondering what opportunities may be in store. Well, he’s just had a classic “ego wipeout”. This term was coined by astrologer Noel Tyl and has been discussed in prior forecasts. Nebulous Neptune symbolically shrouded Mr. Romney’s personal projection,  self-image and mindset in a rapturous rose-colored fog; many were bedazzled; many more were  bewildered — and in the end, it was nothing more than a dream. Wipeout. And it’s not completely over until the end of the year. Seriously, this is a classic pattern astrologers see over and over in horoscopes.

When Neptune is prominent, seeing things clearly — realistically — is often a big challenge. The love of your life turns out to be  married with a family in Denver.  Your business partner invested the money, lost it and did not tell you. Alcohol and drugs become verrrrry appealing. You decide to join a cult. Your Type A personality can’t find the energy to get to kick-boxing class…for an entire year. Yes, there are ways to manage these phases constructively, especially if you’re an artist or a healer. But if they are not handled constructively and the bubble bursts…wipeout!

Mr. Romney now has Saturn, the planet of “Get Real”, moving through the area of his horoscope that refers to cooperation, health, work and service. He could spend the next two years restructuring these areas and find himself in a genuinely happier place around December 2014 — with a renewed sense of  purpose he’s ready to take public. Let’s all wish him well.

And now, the news. First, reflecting the theme of constructive transformation and advancement in relationship noted on Tuesday, columnist David Brooks penned a provocative piece called “How People Change”. The reader comments on this one are equally provocative. And, just in time for yesterday’s eclipse in Gemini-Sagittarius, suggesting a bottleneck in areas of information and communication, Gail Collins wrote a witty, informative (and thus very Moon-in-Gemini) piece about one of the most talked-about bottlenecks affecting the Senate: the filibuster. And here’s how some people outside of the Senate are trying to unclog this major traffic jam.

Remember, in your own personal world, the Moon is void-of-course all day.Go with the flow — even if you’re stuck in a bottleneck or jam. And if all else fails, take a really long lunch…and watch this gorgeous ten-minute film about an unusual lunch date in Grand Central Station.  I guarantee this happened during a void-of-course Moon! I guarantee you will love this film!


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