Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 3/12/2012: When Mercury Goes Retrograde…

While most of us were sleeping, mental Mercury turned retrograde at 3:49AM ET at 6 degrees of “I fall down stairs because it’s faster than walking” Aries, as everyone runs screaming down the hall.  Mercury retrograde gets such a bad rap because we are geared, in this crazy modern age, to always be thinking, doing, moving FORWARD. Ya know what that gets you? BURN OUT. We need our down times, and Mercury retrogrades are a perfect time to sloooooooow down.  We see this reflected in the curious increase in gizmo crashes (computers and phones), communication and transportation delays and other snafus.  We may also find ourselves having to repeat what we’ve just said, running into people we haven’t seen in years and having to repeat what we’ve just said.

Getting through Mercury retrograde periods requires FOCUS and PATIENCE, especially from now until March 23rd, when Mercury is in Aries (a sign not known for patience). Not only that, but Mercury is still in close contact with unpredictable, often shocking Uranus, so we may witness some spectacular gaffes, along with the inspired ideas. Mercury then floats back into Pisces before turning direct on April 4th. During this time, avoid signing contracts, double check details a zillion times, avoid making major purchases (especially mechanical ones) and don’t believe everything you see in the headlines. With Mercury retrograde, chances are high that there’s more to the story. Gossip is to be avoided, too.

Do plan on RElaxing, REviewing, REsearching, REorganizing, REgenerating, REconnecting and REcreating. Clean out those closets. Organize those files. Get back in touch with people. Turn off your cell phone — or your computer — for a while. Take a trip — yes, really — or any break from your normal routine.  Is that why we so often see people going on strike during Mercury retrograde? When in doubt,  practice the art of SILENCE. Listen to your intuition, especially when Mercury re-enters Pisces on the 23rd.

Moon goes void in Scorpio at 2:30PM ET, not to enter high-flying, opinionated Sagittarius until 2:53AM ET on Tuesday. There are no other voids of significance during this work week. The exact grand trine in the Earth signs kicks off at 12:31AM ET, with expansive Jupiter in security-loving Taurus trining resourceful Pluto in Capricorn, sign of the Establishment. Headlines about energy resources, perhaps — and perhaps expansion of said Establishment. Is Big Brother watching you Just checked other stories on the NYT homepage and two of them are about oil and one is about…plutonium. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Meanwhile, I couldn’t be more thrilled by the timing of this news item, given all the buzz about a grand EARTH trine: “Lights! Cameras! And Cheers — For a Rock Weighing 340 Tons”. Enjoy!