Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 3/8/2012: Full Moon in Virgo — With a Twist

Moon waxes full at 4:39AM ET and promptly goes void until 11:50PM ET, releasing the build-up of energy and emotion into a potentially amorphous, wandering freefall. With long voids like these, it can be challenging to move purposefully in a straight line. What might that look like? Here’s an amusing drawing I found on Some Guy’s Blog — the drawing has made plenty of rounds on Facebook. This particular link will also take you to the Myers-Brigg Personality Test, if you’re in need of more details on your own particular wiring

OK, where was I? Right. The void. The challenge of moving in a straight line. See if you notice any twists, flakes and/or crises in your day that turn out to be all for naught. Those crises might concern a tension between the need for details and getting it right and a desire to just go with the flow. Take it all in stride. It’s a good day to chill, brainstorm, meditate, rest and take care of things that have no need to be of serious consequence. If you need a topic for your meditation, consider how you can better balance the needs of the body, work, service and all the exacting details (Moon in Virgo) vs. the needs of the soul for at-one-ment and other intangibles (Sun in Pisces).

In other news, you have to love Apple’s perfect timing: launching the new iPad on a hook-up between mental Mercury and technogeek Uranus, both  in pioneering Aries. OMG, what a great idea — everybody is going to want one! Mercury and Uranus will hookup again precisely on March 18th and April 22nd, suggesting plenty of other brilliant innovations making headlines between now and then.