Astro-logical Forecast for 3/16 & the Weekend: Score One for Uranus Square Pluto

Wow! What a week it’s been! We’ll talk about that in a minute. But first…

Moon continues to strive to make things happen in enterprising Capricorn, buoyed by a lovely connection to Venus (women, aesthetics, money, social expression) in security-preserving Taurus at 3:11AM ET. It’s the only exact lunar aspect of the day, so that sets the tone. Happy Friday! It’s a much quieter day than the rest of the week, but much can still be accomplished.

Saturday morning may be a bit grumpy, as the enterprising Moon is challenged to get even more serious by disciplined, chilly Saturn. Does someone want to be alone? Chill out and roll with it during the Moon void from 9AM – 12:11PM ET. Or maybe just sleep in — a perfect activity for void of course Moons.  In the afternoon and into the evening, you’re likely to be feeling more social, as Moon, now in “who loves ya buddy” Aquarius,  is supported by chatty Mercury and unconventional Uranus. With Mercury currently retrograde, consider reconnecting with folks you haven’t seen in a long while — don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to do it.

Sunday is terrific for optimistic, pleasure-seeking humanitarians and other friends — though you might want to keep an eye on your wallet. An exuberant contact to Moon from jolly Jupiter hits at 7:23AM ET, followed by a brilliant hook-up between mental Mercury and innovative, freedom-loving Uranus at 1:24PM ET. Technogeeks and other geniuses  (including astrologers),  thrive under this configuration — the second of three that will happen between March 5th and April 22nd. Take note of your bright ideas — some of them may well be diamonds in the rough.  Another indulgent contact between Moon and Venus hits at 2:39PM. Yum!

And now, the news:

First, how about those stock markets? Highs that haven’t been seen in a few years  — and yet market volatility was unusually low. Low volatility suggests more confidence, less fear driving the markets. This suggests stability. Hmmm…stability…perhaps the kind of stability that might be reflected in an Earth Grand Trine involving planets often associated an abundance of resources? Coincidence or conspiracy? Why, even the United States Senate managed to achieve a level of productivity not seen since…well I don’t know when. I will let Gail Collins, who writes funny, tell you

Not everyone was feeling stable, though. Ask the good folks at the investment bank Goldman Sachs how stable it feels to see the value of your company drop by two billion dollars in one day…all because one “disgruntled employee” had the nerve to publish his resignation letter in the New York Times And the status quo of  The Establishment was disrupted, as alleged moral bankruptcy and bad manners were exposed. Sounds like a textbook case study for rebel Uranus in Aries, sign of the Individual and the Underdog challenging Pluto (transformation/annihilation of all that is rotten) in Capricorn (hallowed structures of our government and corporations). The first of seven exact challenges (squares) happens June 24; the last one happens March 16, 2015.

Here’s the takeaway from that story: look how empowered one person can be! The empowerment of the individual is one major theme of the dance we’re seeing between Uranus and Pluto in Aries and Capricorn. Yes, you, too can be an entrepreneurial pioneer. Welcome to the world of the self-employed (Aries), connected to the whole world through technology (Uranus).  We will certainly see many more David vs. Goliath stories over the next few years…and some Davids will be kookier than others (Uranus delights in being decidedly weird). The challenge for us in choosing which of these Davids to follow is being strong enough to see through the veil of illusion presented by weirdest of the bunch, because those rose-colored glasses may be terribly tempting. Especially if those glasses somehow promise to feed our collective soul (we’ll likely to be doing a lot of soul-searching over the next 14 years, but that’s another story about Neptune in Pisces, which I will tell another day — or you can search the archives for what has already been written).

Have a great weekend!