Wednesday 4/26/2017: New Moon in Taurus; Genius or…?

Happy New Moon in Taurus, which officially began at 8:16 AM ET. Light a candle; make a list. and focus on your intentions for the next lunar cycle.

A Taurus Moon seeks comfort and stability on a material level. What seeds can you plant to make that garden grow? Consider thinking outside the box, suggested by an intense meet-up between Mercury (mindset) and innovative Uranus in this New Moon chart. Or be prepared for sudden insights that disrupt the status quo.

This disruptive potential is echoed by the Sabian Symbol for the New Moon: “a woman of Samaria.” Do you know her story? Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee calls it “an image of a moment of truth.” Thus we are advised in this lunar cycle to be alert to situations where we must determine the authenticity of what is presented. Is it real gold or fool’s gold? We are advised to consider matters more deeply before moving forward into unfamiliar territory. This Sabian Symbol was connected to the Full Moon on October 29, 2012.  At that time, a storm was brewing.

Wherever 7 degrees of Taurus falls in your horoscope, settle for nothing less than unconditional truth. In mundane affairs, efforts to discern the unconditional truth are apt to be obfuscated by the pixie-dusted snake oil suggested by Mars (action!) and Neptune (fog!), as the two square off on May 11th, just after the Full Moon on May 10th.  Note that when we set this New Moon chart in Washington DC, the Sun and Moon are in the 12th House — out of the spotlight — along with Mars in multitasking, double-talking Gemini. Oh what a buzz is likely to be going on in a backroom near you…

And now, the news.

This Friday’s meet-up between Mercury and Uranus favors rocket scientists, impulsive speech, quick thinking and people who are batshit crazy. What a fitting pattern for the launch of National Geographic’s “Genius,” about the life of Albert Einstein. He’s in the “rocket scientist” category, btw. Just to be clear.

Also happening on Friday: Venus — which refers to women — leaves Pisces (the soulful victim), for Aries (warrior woman). We see the potential for matters related to Venus (women, values, art, money) to be especially prominent — and in ways that some might say are “shipwrecked.” Why? Because Venus will also be in a tight meet-up with the Fixed Star Scheat, which refers to big thinkers (upside) and shipwrecks (downside).  An apt pattern for Ann Coulter’s rescheduled (thx Mercury retro!) speech at Berkeley? Ms. Coulter is a double Sagittarius whose righteously opinionated Moon may be feeling the pressure of transiting Saturn upon it. This brief look at her horoscope includes useful reminders of key current and past planetary patterns we see reflected in world events.

Considering  how much of April was dominated by the controlling clash between Venus and Saturn (patriarchy), tonight’s New Moon in fertile Taurus is apt for the premiere of Margaret Atwood’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” on Hulu. A review in the Washington Post calls it not only timely, but “essential viewing for these fractured times,”  Indeed.

Meanwhile, in Tokyo last Saturday — on what I believe was a dreamy Pisces Moon linking up with the equally  dreamy fantasy potential of Neptune — ice skating champions Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres wowed the crowd with a freestyle dance to “The Sound of Silence.” Silence. An apt meditation for a Mercury retrograde, while you contemplate your list of New Moon intentions…

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. We will have a fine discussion together.




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