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Monday 5/25/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon & Total Eclipse in Sagittarius

Alllllll-righty then!

The week began with the Moon in Scorpio, on a mission to consolidate knowledge for the sake of being in control. If your Monday morning felt a bit like treading water, credit the fact that the Moon didn’t connect with any other planet in the cosmic sandbox until 6:14 PM ET (15 minutes ago, as I’m typing), when it opposed rebel Uranus. Has a jolt or other disruption of the status quo captured your attention? Is that why I’m finally giving form to the words in my head now? Whatever cattleprod you observed or experienced, the Scorpio Moon is serious about it, as demonstrated by its next stop: a square to Saturn — now officially retrograde –at 8:34 PM ET.

Highlights of this week are as follows:

  • The Moon is waxing to fullness, exact on Wednesday at 7:13 AM ET.
  • Moon will be in Sagittarius.
  • It’s a SuperMoon — i.e., close to Earth and really big in the sky.
  • It’s a total lunar eclipse — so the Moon will turn red.
  • Venus squares Neptune on Thursday.
  • Mercury turns retrograde on Saturday at 6:33 PM ET. BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW.
  • Mercury meets up with Venus on Saturday.

Conclusion: there’s a whole lotta pixie dust scattered around this week. How apt that Tarot Diva Beth Owls Daughter’s Card of the Week is The Fool.  And yet, The Fool has no small amount of courage, and I thought about that part of The Fool when I read Heather Cox Richardson’s tribute to Frederick Douglass earlier today. It ended with this sage advice:

When the day comes that you have to choose between what is just good enough and what is right… find the courage to step on the train.

You’ll have to read the whole tribute to fully appreciate what that means.

Here’s how the rest of the week goes:

  • TUESDAY: Rise and shine, and get something done. The Scorpio Moon trines (harmonizes) with Mars at 6 AM ET, then does the same dance with Neptune at 11:30 AM ET. Together, the three are in a brief Grand Trine in the Water Signs: Scorpio, Mars in Cancer, Neptune in Pisces. This is a pattern that needs to project an aura of emotional self-sufficiency. It keeps its cards close to its chest, acting as if it is a law unto itself. It can make abundance look oh-so-easy, which is why some astrologers say having a Grand Trine in your horoscope is lucky. I don’t know if it’s lucky, but the attitude of being a law unto oneself — perhaps without a care in the world — could be seen as an embodiment of The Fool. Hmm.
  • Scorpio Moon goes void at 5:18 PM ET. Now is the time to chill, especially with intense Scorpio moods on the rise. Exhale at 10:39 PM ET, as the Moon soars into Sagittarius.
  • WEDNESDAY:  The Moon in Sag need to push boundaries is expanded further by a square to Jupiter at 12:2 AM ET. That expansion — righteous, blunt, and enthusiastic — is what we’re bringing into the eclipse, which is exact at 7:13 AM ET.

Eclipses interrupt the regular flow of light and whatever other energy flows from the Sun or the Moon, like a river meeting a dam. This creates a bottleneck of energy that must eventually find a release, usually over the course of a few months’ time. In the case of this eclipse, the time frame is about five months.

Eclipses often highlight an area of life where something needs to be brought to a close. Wherever the eclipse falls in your horoscope is where you may experience a bottleneck of energy, followed by a release. Since this is a lunar eclipse, the release is likely to be highly emotional.  That can be a very good thing, as when things are released, they leave space for something new. It can also be experienced as quite an ordeal if the karma cops are behind what is being shut down.

Here is what the Full Moon/Total Lunar Eclipse looks like, set in Washington, D.C.:



  • Pixie-dust, inspiration, magical thinking. Chart ruler Mercury is meeting up with Venus in chatty, info junkie Gemini, right on the Gemini Ascendant. Both planets square Neptune.
  • Jupiter is Pisces, right on the Midheaven. Whereas Mercury in Gemini is clever, young, and informed, Jupiter in Pisces is older, wiser, and bases its understanding on feelings and faith.
  • A lot of what’s going to be released and revealed over the next five months is likely to focus our attention on what we’re taught to believe and how it influences our reality. Watch for significant stories of education, publishing, courts,  psychology, foreign affairs (culture clashes), religious dogma.
  • This eclipse falls in the 6th and 12th houses. Watch for stories involving labor, cooperative systems, hospices, hospitals, prisons, and other places of confinement.
  • Saturn is less than a month away from its next square to rebel Uranus. We are experiencing heavy tension between the old guard and the avant-garde.
  • Mars is on the cusp of the 2nd house — of money and values. Mars will soon oppose Pluto (on June 5th). There’s a ton of energy available to realize a pixie-dusted dream, for better or worse. Mars and Pluto are not a marshmallow combination. It’s ruthless to the max, and in this case, it’s focused on defending its turf.

For further insight on the potential significance of this Full Moon/Eclipse, we turn to Sabian Symbol Guru Blaine Bovee. His take on these cryptic Symbols is so appreciated. For the Sun at  6 Gemini: “drilling for oil”; for the Moon at 6 Sagittarius: “a game of cricket.”

  •  “Drilling for oil” means drilling through layers of earth and rock in search of a pocket of wealth. It’s interesting that Bovee points out that in order to drill for oil, you need a rig — and that this element of “rigging” is significant. And guess what? 6 Gemini was where Venus was when it turned retrograde last May. Venus refers to who, what, and how we need to love. If you have a planet or angle around 6 Gemini or 6 Sagittarius, you may absolutely, positively experience a release of some matter of VALUE that was on your plate around this time last year.
  • For “a game of cricket,” Bovee notes that cricket is “an open-air game,” and that what is “not cricket” is said to be “not fair or sporting!” Noting that cricket originated in Britain, and was embraced by many of its colonies, Bovee says it has “a commonwealth theme born out of the imperial ambitions of the past,” and thus we are advised to watch for stories of “historical ironies like imperialism giving rise to more level playing fields,” as well as “valuables that lead to sticky situations; assumptions about living off of others’ resources; money games; rigging matters in order to propel advancement.” Bovee’s wonderful book can be ordered here.

And yes, by popular demand, I am happy to offer thoughts on what this eclipse suggests for you. Toss $46 into my Cosmic Tip Jar as a Joyful Random Expression, and email me your birth data if I don’t already have it. I will send you a few paragraphs of personal insights.

After Wednesday’s early morning Super Flower Blood Moon eclipse (here’s how to watch it), the Sag Moon continues to drive the day with enthusiasm. Go for a gambol or a gamble; get out in nature; do something sporty; engage in a righteous debate; go see a foreign film. By late afternoon, you could have a productive conversation about some of your Full Moon revelations, assisted by the consolidating structure of Moon sextile Saturn, exact at 8:01 PM ET.

  • THURSDAY: And now we’re back into dream mode this morning, as Sag Moon opposes Venus and squares Neptune right around 11 AM ET. Women, money, art, and social expression may all be seeking a seductive, beautiful escape. Note that Mercury is now pulling focus as it slows to a virtual standstill. Clashes of opinion vs. facts may turn up around 1:35 PM ET, as Mercury and the Moon oppose each other. Chill for the rest of the workday, as the Moon will be void until 10:23 PM ET. See if you notice the shift in tone as the Moon enters proactive Capricorn, needing to Make Things Happen.
  • FRIDAY: The drive to take care of business forges ahead, unimpeded by other planets. Moon sextiles Uranus at 6:21 PM ET, inviting a more diverse or innovative approach. If this day is chattier than usual, I won’t be too surprised. Venus and Mercury are both in Gemini –and pushing the usual boundaries. They meet up at 1:12 AM on…
  • SATURDAY. With the Moon still in Capricorn, checking off practical chores around the house would be apt. Note the potential for an argument about safety and security around 10:35 AM ET. Do you really need a sledgehammer to hang a picture? Another power play or catharsis may arise around 6:13 PM ET, when the Moon meets up with Pluto — and then goes void for the rest of the night. At 6:33 PM ET, Mercury turns retrograde. Did you back up your computers???? How about your iPhone? Chill for the next six hours and double-check your travel plans on this holiday weekend. Here’s your basic Mercury Retrograde Survival Guide. 
  • SUNDAY: Moon enters Aquarius at 12:04 AM ET, looking to hang with all its friends. Did I mention this is a holiday weekend in the United States? Put on your rose-colored sunglasses and escape. Humming in the background for the past few days is a trine between Mars and Neptune, exact at 1:15 AM ET on Monday. This can be magical and seductive, for better or worse. The Aquarius Moon is challenged by a square to Uranus and a meet-up with Saturn between 9 PM and midnight. With Mercury now retrograde, make an extra effort to be clear and present while in conversation and in transit.

And now, the news.

Planetary patterns reflected in the headlines include:

  1. Saturn (structure, authority, control) in Aquarius (networks, technology, airwaves) turning retrograde on Sunday
  2. Sun in Gemini square Jupiter in Pisces (exact Friday), suggesting BIG news about news
  3. Mercury square Neptune, exact on Saturday, suggesting lies, lies, and more lies
  4. Venus trine Saturn (women, control, authority, business)
  5. Sun trine Pluto (consolidation of power among leaders; news from underground)


It was chilling to read about the Ryanair commercial jet that was hijacked at the personal behest of “Europe’s Last Dictator,” Alexander Lukashenkoof Belarus. It was an apt reflection of Saturn stationing retrograde in Aquarius, i.e. authority exerting control in flight, in an effort to crush 26-year-old Roman Protasevich, a journalist who “operated a communications channel to provide information about the democratic movement during the demonstrations,” reports Heather Cox Richardson. It also reflects the new paradigm of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction: that the one who controls the flow of information may control the world. It doesn’t matter how much stuff you own. The hijacking succeeded in part because of a Mercury-Neptune lie, i.e, the fake bomb threat that was the “excuse” for landing the plane in Belarus instead of Lithuania, its intended destination. Not to mention an actual military threat (in the form of a fighter jet).

Avid Readers may recall reading about Belarus in this forecast back in August when dictator Lukashenko claimed to have won a rigged (obviously) election with 80% of the vote. Yes, and that’s why tens of thousands of people in Belarus took to the streets, and thousands were arrested. Astrologically, Mars was around 20 Aries, square Jupiter-Pluto in Capricorn, and triggering the January 10, 2020 eclipse. In Lukashenko’s horoscope, we note Jupiter-Uranus in Cancer, square Venus-Neptune in Libra — activated by transiting Mars in August, and activated again now, as transiting Mars approaches 20 Cancer! We see how he would take action now. If his birth data is correct, multiple planets in his horoscope were eclipsed in December 2019 and January 2020. His 6 Virgo Sun will be affected by Wednesday’s lunar eclipse, and his 26 Aquarius MC – Pluto opposition will be eclipsed in November. Perhaps the continued pressure will effect a change in his regime at the end of this year or next year.

Meanwhile, in Floriduh (not to be confused with Florida, which is another state of being), Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill that blocks social media platforms from banning “political candidates.”  — because in the Jupiter-Saturn in Aquarius Age, whoever controls the information flow will have the power. So will we have a congressional investigation into the January 6th attempted coup at the Capitol? Not if Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy get their way. 

There is so much more I would love to talk about, but this forecast needs to ship!

Random Venus trine streamlining Saturn at a standstill headline: birth rates around the world are plummeting;  the Supreme Court has agreed to hear a case on Roe v. Wade, which is not good news if you’re female and live in a red state.

Random Mercury square Neptune headline: “Alabama’s Vaccine Passport Ban is a Ticket to Nowhere”

Upside reflection of the above two patterns, laced with the publishing potential of Sun square Jupiter: have you heard of the Linda Lindas? It’s a punk band of four girls in Los Angeles. (Punk is something I understand. Gabba gabba hey!) The drummer is 10; the oldest guitar player is 16. They’re Asian and Latinx. A video of a concert they did at the Los Angeles Public Library (publishing!) went viral last week; they just got a record deal. Their new hit single: “Racist Sexist Boy.

Random Saturn square Uranus headline, disrupting the status quo: “A seismic standoff over remote work is building”

Finally, SNL reflected the big boozy potential of Sun square Jupiter with Mercury square Neptune. Here’s Cecily Strong going completely over the top as Judge Box of Wine (Jeanine Pirro). Cheers!

Thank you for reading this forecast. Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. Here’s how to support this public service with random or monthly expressions of appreciation. It really does make my day when Avid Readers make sure I know they find my insights worthwhile.