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Wednesday 3/27/2024: Francis Scott Key Bridge Collapses, Hours After the Lunar Eclipse

And now, the news…as promised.

On Monday,  I wrote this:

  • MONDAY: The Libra Moon drives the next two days with a need for fairness and balance in relationship. It was eclipsed at 3 AM ET, and makes no other exact aspects for the rest of the day. In fact, it make no exact aspect to any planet until 7:08 PM ET on…
  • TUESDAY:…when it opposes Mercury, reflecting a potentially impassioned, disruptive and illuminating face-off in matters of communication and transportation. I say this because Mercury is conjunct Eris, a celestial body named for the Goddess of Discord whose strategy for claiming a place at the table may include burning the whole house down. Fun fact: the U.S. Mercury is at 24 Cancer; Eris has just squared it.

First, it felt as if I was directed to include the word “transportation.” I lingered over it; it felt important. Second, there is one detail I did not include yesterday, mainly because there are sooooo many details to consider in a weekly forecast, but this omitted detail turns out to have been equally important, and here it is: at 1:48 AM ET, the eclipsed Moon met up with the South Node.  Remember that the South Node is a point of destruction and release. The Moon and the South Node were in Libra. Here is what the glyph for Libra looks like:

Twenty minutes before the exact conjunction of the Libra Moon and South Node (for curious astropros, I use the Mean Node), the Dali, a cargo ship, lost power — twice. The lights went out; it couldn’t be steered — and ended up veering into Baltimore’s Francis Scott Key Bridge, which collapsed in seconds,  as you can see from this video.  Just like that, and it could have been worse. When the ship lost power, it put out a mayday signal to the police, and they  closed the bridge to traffic. It’s inspiring when the system works.

A bridge — especially this particular bridge — looks a lot like the glyph for Libra. A bridge is key (did I really just type that?) when connecting opposing sides in relationships. And now, a bridge is gone. Hmm.

Mundane astrologers are naturally all over the charts for this stupefying incident, including the time of the collision (1:28:33 AM ET, which I picked up from the video; the time the bridge officially opened (March 23, 1977), the charts for Baltimore, Salvador Dali (who may or may not be the namesake of the cargo ship), and the bridge’s namesake — Francis Scott Key, to whom we owe the war-themed lyrics of our national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner.

  • In the chart for the bridge’s opening day, we see that Mars is at 2 Pisces, where it is now. The technical term is “Mars Return.” The bridge is scheduled for a new two-year cycle of action at this time. However, the Midheaven in the opening day chart is 29 Pisces, and transiting Neptune is about to hit that degree, suggesting a possible wipe-out or a new vision. 29 Pisces, FWIW is associated with the fixed star Scheat, which is associated with shipwrecks. I kid you not.
  • The city of Baltimore was “born” on October 9, 1745 — time unknown, so we use a noon chart. Baltimore’s Sun is 16 Libra, so the destructive South Node has just met up with it. Baltimore’s Saturn is 6 Libra — just eclipsed. We see potential loss and/or added responsibility.
  • Salvador Dali’s horoscope has fascinating synchronicity. First, we see how disruptive he could become at this time, given that transiting Uranus is conjunct his 20 Taurus Sun and square his 20 Aquarius Saturn. Talk about a pattern suggesting a sudden demolition of structure.
  • And guess who else has transiting Uranus in a hard aspect (conjunct, square or opposition) with Saturn. Francis Scott Key — whose Saturn is conjunct Mars in Scorpio. No wonder he was so enamored of “the rockets’ red glare/the bombs bursting in air.”  Transiting Uranus in hard aspect to Mars suggests recklessness and accidents! Here is Key’s horoscope. 
  • The Sabian Symbol for the Moon-South Node conjunction is “a retired sea captain,” which may be interpreted as a lesson in giving up the fight (the tension) and learning to relax, according to astrologer James Burgess. Does the United States need a new national anthem? One that isn’t set against the backdrop of war? One where we could relax and take time to smell the roses?
  • In the chart for the collision, the Moon-South Node conjunction is in the 10th house — public status — and everything else is below the horizon. The Moon rules the 8th house…of death.

Another important event involving transportation was at the U.S. Supreme Court, which heard arguments in FDA v. Alliance for Hippocratic Medicine.  The FDA is challenging the Texas MAGA appeals court judge who ordered that the abortion drug mifepristone be taken off the market, as historian Heather Cox Richardson reports (her daily letters are must-reads for staying on top of the most significant news). How does this involve transportation? Because whilst court observers thought that the SCOTUS justices were more receptive to the FDA’s position, The Hartmann Report reminds us that SCOTUS doesn’t have to limit the FDA’s authority to achieve the goals of the anti-choice faction; that can be achieved by strictly enforcing the Comstock Act.

As I wrote a year ago:

This prompted me to learn more about Anthony Comstock, who was born in 1844, and reminds me of Dana Carvey’s Church Lady, only with mutton chops. As a special agent of the U.S. Postal Service, Comstock prevailed upon Congress to pass the Comstock Act in 1873, which, specifically prohibited the use of USPS for shipping “any methods of production or publication of information pertaining to the procurement of abortion, the prevention of conception and the prevention of venereal disease “ according to Wikipedia. Suffice it to say that looking at Comstock’s horoscope (March 7, 1844 in New Canaan, CT), we can appreciate his extremes of values and social expression (Venus conjunct Pluto in Aries; Mars in Taurus square Saturn),  and that his natal Mercury-Neptune conjunction in Aquarius (a need for visionary or delusional thinking) is likely to be electrified in 2023.

Even without a birth time, I can appreciate Hartmann’s alert, because transiting Pluto will engage with Comstock’s Mars-Saturn square next year. This suggests extremes of force and control…but the upside potential (for women) is a potential loss (for Comstock). And starting this year, Comstock will receive a series of three hits of Jupiter and Saturn to his 17 Pisces Sun…expansion and contraction…at the same time.

Meanwhile…there’s plenty from last week, too! In no particular order:

UPDATE: on Flaco the Owl.  Avid Readers will recall that New York City’s beloved bird had transiting Neptune conjunct his Mercury (and also Uranus) a few days before he died. Neptune refers to viruses, poisons, victims and confusion. Thus, it’s not surprising (albeit terribly depressing and sad), that Flaco’s necropsy report was just released, confirming what planetary patterns suggested that he:

was weakened by rat poison and a pigeon virus to the extent he would have died even if he had not fatally collided with a building earlier this year, a postmortem has found.

Sometimes it feels like an embarrassment to be a member of the human race. Flaco would have been 14 years old on March 15th. He survived for barely a year in the urban jungle.

UPDATE: on Ron DeSantis, who is still the governor of Florida. Last year I noticed a significant “make nice” pattern between the Sun and Venus, exact right about now. I wondered what it could possibly reflect,  since he doesn’t exactly radiate an aura of charm. How about “Disney and DeSantis settle their years-long dispute.” No more fighting in court…at least with these two parties. Judges?

UPDATE: on Ronna McDaniel, former RNC chairperson. Her Jupiter was eclipsed last October, suggesting a possible change in fortune — or expansion — at the end of the year. One change was her being pushed out at the RNC. As for expansion, she was hired last week to be a paid commentator on NBC and MSNBC…until all hell broke loose among principled people who don’t believe a person spreading lies should be honored with a paid gig at a would-be legitimate news organization. With transiting Neptune halfway between McDaniel’s Pisces Sun and Venus, we can appreciate how she could lose her way. With Saturn squaring her Saturn and soon to conjoin her Mercury, we appreciate a potential reality check. NBC announced that McDaniel would NOT be working for either NBC or MSNBC…and there was much rejoicing in the land. McDaniel was destined to attract attention at the Aries Ingress, because her Sun is either at 29 Pisces or 0 Aries.

UPDATE:  on Princess Catherine. Last week she released a video in which she shared that she was diagnosed with cancer in February, and had started chemotherapy. People whose business it is to analyze “the royals” applauded her candor and solo on-camera appearance, stating:

“It really was Kate’s moment to make this declaration, to reaffirm her own personhood,” he said. “She is not simply somebody’s wife, but she is a woman going through cancer treatment.”

…and reaffirming one’s own personhood would be an apt reflection of the square to her Leo Ascendant from transiting Uranus several days ago. As noted in last week’s forecast, in her horoscope, Uranus rules her 7th house of partnerships, marriage, and the general public. It also refers to surprises, and those who were previously fixated on the ridiculously doctored family photo that was pulled within hours if of its release, not to mention rumors of her husband’s infidelity,  certainly were surprised and some expressed remorse.  For the record, the fake family photo and rumors are an apt reflection of William’s 27 Sagittarius Ascendant receiving a square from transiting Neptune.


I spent the first full day of the astrological new year working on a stack of personalized eclipse insights whilst listening to C-Span’s audio broadcast of the House Oversight Committee’s hearing entitled “Influence Peddling: Examining Joe Biden’s Abuse of Public Office,” (ripped to shreds here by Rep. Katie Porter).  Moon was in rip-roarin’ Leo, and transiting Mars traveling through the very last few degrees of Aquarius activated — as anticipated — many horoscopes who often appear in this forecast, probably because the activated planets are tied to the 27 Aquarius Moon in the U.S. Sibley chart. Here are few others: the former guy (Midheaven at 24 Taurus; Mars and Ascendant at 26 and 29 Leo); Jimmy Carter (Mars at 25 Aquarius); Bill Clinton (Sun at 26 Leo); Alex Jones (Sun-Jupiter); Michael Bloomberg (Sun at 25 Aquarius); Terry Gilliam (24 Leo Moon); Nancy Pelosi (27 Leo ASC); President Biden (Sun-Venus at 27-28 Scorpio) Mitch McConnell (26 Taurus Uranus) — and all of these placements were eclipsed in 2022, and thus are still extra-sensitive to triggers by transit.

When a planet in your horoscope receives a tough transit from Mars, it is often provocative. You could feel attacked, or a need to take a courageous stand. I told you a few weeks ago that Rep. Jim Jordan (MAGA-OH, who has yet to write a single bill that was passed in all the years he’s been in Congress), and Rep. James Comer (MAGA-KY, who chairs the Oversight Committee and has apparently “engaged in nearly identical behavior that he has hounded the president over”) were people to watch as their Leo and Aquarius Suns (respectively) were provoked by Mars this week. They will be even more provoked in a few months, when Uranus nears the end of Taurus, yippee kiii-ay-ey.

Anyhoo, Comer and Jordan have been driving the bogus Biden impeachment hearings, and the precision strikes against their bogus bogusness (and insane waste of millions of taxpayer dollars) by Democrats on the Committee are worth a watch:

The hearing was stunning and sad, but essential viewing. It made me wonder (for the umpteenth time) if Attorney General Merrick Garland is paying attention and inclined to act. As I’ve noted multiple times, in what we know of his horoscope (no birth time), it’s not been particularly dynamic, save for an opposition from Uranus to his natal 21 Scorpio Sun (which seems to be muzzled, perhaps, by his conflict-averse Libra Moon). But on March 21, he had his Jupiter Return, which usually “coincides” with expansion and reward. Then on April 1, he’ll have the first of three passes of Saturn square his Mercury at 13 Sagittarius. Mercury refers to how we need to think and communication; Mercury in Sag may focus on the big picture at the expense of essential details. Saturn on Mercury suggests streamlining, discipline and/or depression. Finally, on April 11, he’ll have the third hit of that Uranus opposition to his Sun, followed by the opposition to the Sun from Jupiter on April 18, and unless his horoscope really is in a coma, we should see something innovative, expansive, rewarding, rebellious and/or some sign of independence.

On the other hand, I just realized that the Jupiter and Saturn patterns in his horoscope are similar to what he experienced in 2016, when he was nominated to the Supreme Court — here’s that forecast. It will be interesting to see what transiting Uranus adds to the action in 2024.

In other news…

A story that should have gotten much more attention was the sudden resignation of Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-Actually), joining Rep. Ken Buck (R-Old School) in exodus. That’s four resignations in three months, and if a few more non-MAGA Republicans depart, the Democrats will elect Hakeem Jeffries to serve as Speaker. Jeffries is due for an expansive shake-up, as next month’s Jupiter-Uranus conjunction will fall on his natal Saturn. Plus, his natal Uranus at 5 Libra was just eclipsed. Late April and late May should be interesting, especially since there’s are similarly disruptive patterns in the current Speaker’s horoscope.


Last week’s conjunction between Venus and Saturn in Pisces suggested a serious focus on empathy. “Frans de Waal, who explored empathy among apes, dies at 75”

Venus refers to food; Saturn to aging. “To Live Past 100, Mangia a Lot Less: Italian Expert’s Ideas on Aging”

Ohhhh and there’s so much else we could talk about! But that’s it for now…as I have more eclipse insights to deliver (thanks for your patience)

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