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Monday 5/17/2021: Sneak Peek at the Week; Saturn Turns Retrograde

Allll-righty then!

If you experienced a catharsis or power play in the wee hours, blame it on the Cancer Moon’s opposition with Pluto at 2:21 AM ET. At 8:43 AM ET, Moon enters Leo, looking for a party in which to shine, shine, shine. Themes of consolidating power are likely to ripple through the day, reflecting the trine between the Sun and Pluto that was exact at 5:48 AM ET. Some stories may have a sense of someone “losing their head,” as the Sun is currently conjunct the fixed star Algol, associated with decapitations. Here are a few examples:

Here are the main patterns driving the week:

  • First is Saturn, a symbol of authority, karma, structure, and necessary controls. It’s slowing down to a virtual standstill, preparing to turn retrograde on Sunday. In Aquarius, Saturn’s controls are easily expressed in matters related to technology, humanitarianism, and networks. Maybe we’ll see a bit about astrology, too. Avid Readers will recall that a planet about to change direction functions like a driver leaning on the horn of their car. Matters related to the planet grab our attention!
  • Second, a trine between Venus and Saturn on Wednesday suggests stories of enduring love in the news, and apt for work on any project you hope is built to last. Good for business!
  • Third, Friday’s square between the Sun and Jupiter suggests boundless enthusiasm, potential ego expansion involving leaders and big news that may tug at our heartstrings. Jupiter is now in Pisces, and everything it touches during its stay is likely to spark empathy. Last week, when Jupiter was in Aquarius, executive decisions were more emotionally detached.
  • Fourth, on Saturday we’ll have the first of three squares between Mercury and Neptune. Get out your rose-colored glasses and prepared to be dazzled, inspired, deceived, or simply confused.

There are no exact aspects among the planets after the Moon enters Leo this morning; thus, some would-be drama kings and queens may wander without focus. You’ll know it when you see it.

  • TUESDAY:  Moon’s weekly clash with rebel Uranus at 7:03 AM ET could get you out of bed faster than a shot of caffeine. At 10:28 AM ET, the regal expression of the Leo Moon may be streamlined by a face-off with Saturn. This is the way we will roll for the next two months on days that the Moon is in the middle of Leo, Aquarius, Taurus, and Scorpio. A revelation or other disruption of the status quo (as Moon connects with Uranus) quickly followed by a streamlining effort to restore structure and control (as Moon connects with Saturn). We’re having this experience because Saturn and Uranus are getting closer and closer to their second square of 2021 on June 14th. The first one was on February 17th.  GameStop stock went bonkers, thanks to clever manipulation of the markets by a few “little people;” the Texas power grid went kaplooie, and Ted Cruz snuck off to Cancun and then lied about it.

A pause, while I remind you what the three Saturn-Uranus squares of 2021 are all about:

Saturn represents necessary controls, such as authority, the limits of time, responsibility, and ambition. We need Saturn’s structure to exist in the material world; without it we’d be living in a field without a roof over our heads. Uranus represents the intensely disruptive energy of change, lightning bolts, seismic shake-ups, genetic mutations and awakenings. If you have a Saturn-Uranus square in your horoscope, there is a suggestion of tension between the need to fulfill perceived obligations and maintain control vs. a need to break free of it all. That tension may persist for years, but eventually, the pressure for innovation and change wins the day.

Uranus briefly entered Taurus in 2018, backed into Aries and then re-entered Taurus in early 2019. Since then we’ve seen its disruptive energy reflected by shake ups in Taurus-ruled concerns: our values and possessions in general;  earth beneath our feet; the concept of ownership; retail, money, beauty, restaurant (food) and real estate businesses, as I told you it would at the end of 2017. We’ve also seen a disruption of a material comfort we took for granted for far too long, i.e., human touch. I can’t believe I wrote this in April 2019 as a coda to an analysis of Joe Biden’s horoscope (he has Moon at 0 Taurus).It’s amazing how it has played out:

“Joe Biden was due for a sobering shock. And on a collective level, this is one of the exercises we are being given, courtesy of Uranus (shock) in Taurus (material comfort and security; physical touch). Those hugs that were once a secure expression of comfort and non-sexual caring affection? Not so secure anymore.”

Uranus represents the energy of awakening — with a shock to the system. Saturn represents the reality of the material world. When Saturn/reality is in a hard aspect with Neptune (fog/deception/idealism), as it was in 2006-2007 and 2015-2016, we get magical thinking and bubbles.  The last time Saturn and Uranus were in a hard aspect (conjunction, square or opposition), was late 2008-2010. Anyone remember any bubbles bursting back then (e.g. mortgage crisis & auto bailout)?  They say history repeats itself — and so do planetary cycles.

Many bubbles are likely to pop in 2021. The dates of the three Saturn-Uranus squares are Feb 17, Jun 14 and Dec 24. In 2022, we do not have an exact square, but Saturn and Uranus will still be in a tense pattern, especially in the fall.

Here’s a story reflecting the potential for disruption in the material flow: “World Economy Suddenly Running Low on Everything.” You’re more personally affected by the June 14th square if you have a planet around 13 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, or Aquarius. Consult your local astrologer for details. 

  • WEDNESDAY: Leo Moon continues to drive the action. Its need for creative self-expression is challenged by the First Quarter Moon at 3:12 PM ET, and neither the Moon nor the Taurus Sun is inclined to give an inch. After a brief void, Moon enters Virgo at 4:59 PM ET and works hard to set things right, aided by an exuberant contact with Jupiter. The trine between Venus and Saturn is exact at 9:58 PM ET.  Put it to work crafting a structure to support your great ideas about the things you love.
  • THURSDAY: Keep on sorting out the details, inspired by the Virgo Moon. Think outside the box around lunchtime, as Moon trines Uranus at 2:08 PM ET. At 3:36 PM ET, Sun leaves Taurus and buzzes into Gemini, finally free to circulate — with grand enthusiasm over the next few days, courtesy of that square from Jupiter on Friday. Generally speaking, clever communication of boatloads of information is what Gemini is designed to do — often while doing several other things at once (to keep from being bored or boring). If Taurus gives form to Aries’ initiatives; Gemini sells what Taurus builds and takes a commission. The challenge over the next few weeks may be whether what is being sold is for real.
  • FRIDAY: Note your dreams upon waking, as the Moon squares Mercury and opposes Neptune at 7:47 AM and 9:24 AM ET. Magical thinking and general good cheer may make life feel quite grand, as that Sun-Jupiter square is exact at 11:03 AM ET. The hours after lunch may be quite empowering, as Moon trines Pluto at 3:55 PM ET.  Chill during the ensuing Moon void. At 9:35 PM ET, Moon enters Libra, focusing our weekend on a need for fairness and balance in relationships.
  • SATURDAY: No exact aspects to the Moon for most of the day may feel like a loss of direction. Ride the horse in the direction it’s going and plan a magical mental escape. Moon trine Saturn at 8:10 PM ET endeavors to keep it somewhat real, though the square between Mercury and Neptune at 10:42 PM ET may wish otherwise. Pay close attention if you’re on the road because others likely won’t. Overnight action may be contentious, especially around 3:50 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY:…as the Libra Moon is squared by Mars, seeking to defend its turf in Cancer. At 5:18 AM ET, Saturn officially turns retrograde, giving us a chance to review the advances made so far this year. Retrograde planets suggest a time to look inward for authority in whatever matters ruled by that planet. They also suggest delays, reconsideration, or revisions.   Saturn turns retrograde at 13 degrees of Aquarius and will back up to 6  degrees before turning direct on October 11th. 6 Taurus is where rebel Uranus was in the days leading up to January 6th; perhaps we’ll see hammers coming down on a few insurrectionists around then. October looks significant for Liz Cheney and Mitt Romney, to name a few.
  • The Sabian Symbol for Saturn’s station this week is “a train entering a tunnel.” Bovee notes that such a train disappears for a while, but it does emerge at the end, as it sees the light. This is an apt image for those of us who are impatient for certain doses of karmic to kick in. This Saturn retrograde may be a training period, suggests Bovee. It is a caution against “tunnel vision.” Here’s what Lynda Hill had to say when Mercury stationed on this degree in 2015. Meanwhile, astronerds will appreciate that I’ve noticed more than one story of trains derailing — and I will never forget this one from January 2018, in which a train carrying Republicans to a retreat collided with a garbage truck. What’s fascinating about the chart for that event is how hot it is now. Transiting Uranus is sitting right on the 12 Taurus Ascendant, squaring the Aquarius-Leo Sun and Moon. This train wreck happened days after an eclipse at 26 Capricorn, which is where Pluto stationed last month. Astrology. Is. Amazing. And if this week’s forecast has a wandering feel, it’s reflecting a less-than-focused Leo Moon.

Meanwhile, back up your computers NOW. Mercury turns retrograde at the end of the month. There will be NO WHINGEING.

And now, the news.

In honor of Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces, I’ve added Gurdeep Pandher of the Yukon to my Twitter feed.  Every day he posts a video of joyful dance in the wilderness — sometimes alone, sometimes with others. Joyful dance is a perfect reflection of Jupiter in Pisces. How can you not feel we are all connected when swaying to the music, hmm? Joyful dance is a recommended coping strategy for crazy, cruel headlines.

Also on Twitter: a quick test for the strength of your lungs, which Jupiter rules (in traditional astrology). And while we’re testing astrologically synced health conditions,  WaPo ran an article on testing for certain childhood traumas and how they have created greater stress and isolation for those who experienced them, especially in the pandemic.  Number Story seeks to raise awareness, and “takes what we’re feeling, and gives us a vocabulary and resources as to how we can connect to support,” according to the article. As Jupiter progresses through Pisces and is joined by Saturn, we are likely to see greater empathy and practical coping strategies and therapies for these way-too interesting times.

Jupiter in Pisces coincided with the CDC’s loosening of mask requirements for people fully vaccinated against Covid. That’s great, but since Jupiter is only in Pisces for several weeks, and Mercury and Venus will square Neptune in several days,  I’m erring on the side of caution. I’m not convinced that the CDC guidelines will be adhered to in the way they were intended. I just got my second dose yesterday (yes, using astrology to pick a time), and other than a sore arm and a bit of fatigue today, I’m not having major side effects. Meanwhile, I’m thrilled by the prospect of having friends over for dinner.

Speaking of yoga, my teacher was attuned to Jupiter’s ingress into Pisces, as demonstrated in his Friday Zoom class, which was an expanded focus on strengthening and nurturing…the feet!! Pisces rules the feet, doncha know. Fun!

Also fun — and exemplifying the best of Jupiter in Pisces’ grand charity: Stephen Colbert presents the recipients of his Small Biz Bump.

In other news…

Planetary patterns last week were “go” for consolidating power, with some initiatives bordering on the surreal:

There’s much more to discuss, but I am also melting down. It’s naptime, brought to you by FEMA and the Covid vaccine. The chart for the time of the second shot had Neptune (confusion) affecting the health care practitioner. She was a young woman in fatigues serving in the Coast Guard or the U.S. Navy — not sure which. But what she really wants to do is go back to her farm somewhere in the Midwest.  I mentioned I was an astrologer and she cheerfully confided that two of her teachers were also astrologers and that she loved looking at the constellations. It took me a minute to realize that she was confusing “astrologers” with “astronomers.”

What’s going on in your horoscope? Here’s the 411 on personal consultations. If you’re a student of astrology who is learning so much from these regular astrological musings, I encourage you to joyfully express your appreciation right here.

Thank you for reading this forecast and sharing it with your friends.