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Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday & Friday 6/9-10/2011: More on Congressman Anthony Weiner

As I advised earlier this week, Moon went void in Virgo at 4:13AM EDT — not to enter the next sign, Libra, until  6:31PM EDT. For East Coasters, this suggests a day to chill, brainstorm, take care of that which is routine (with Virgo, you could go nuts cleaning and/or organizing). It does not suggest panic, although the likelihood of someone flipping out over an imagined crisis (that turns out to be nothing of consequence), is increased during Moon voids. If you are challenged to move in a straight line today, just be mindful that you may encounter a twist, a flake or otherwise find yourself somewhat off course. See where it takes you.

My Moon void began with the realization that the technology I brought with me to an undisclosed rural Maine location does not support posting the daily forecast, and the only car available to take me into town had been driven to a golf course. OK, fine, there are worse commutes than walking two miles down a country road. Off I went, and after a mile or so, a passing car gave me a lift to my final destination, the local library.The resident library cats here are curious and affectionate, excellent company, and highly effective mousers.  So yes, the forecast is late, but all in all, this break in routine has been refreshing and restful. May you have a similar peaceful break today!

At 6:31PM EDT Moon enters socially-conscious, people-pleasing Libra, where it makes an immediate happy connection with loving Venus. Grab your rose-colored glasses, as the planet of love, beauty and money is also challenged by nebulous Neptune, exact at 4:25AM on Friday. If those rose-colored glasses turn out to be beer goggles, don’t say you weren’t warned. Under the influence of Venus-Neptune aspects transcendental, story-book connections can happen. They can also fade away in harsh light of reality. Artistic and spiritual vision can also be stimulated, so this is good news for creative types — and may be good news for your local con man.

Up in rural Maine, there is no sign of Congressman Anthony Weiner in the local paper. Instead I’m looking at a front-page article commemorating a teacher’s 40+ years of service. And on this Page 6, an exciting piece about a reporter’s daring rescue of four abandoned baby raccoons. But I see from the NY Times and other sources that l’affaire Weiner is still hot.  

When I was looking at the Congressman’s chart a couple of days ago, tracking patterns that reflect this unfortunate event in his life, I could not help but notice not one, but multiple measurements that suggest the period of 2008 (that’s as far back as I looked) up to now was generally a time of great fulfillment and joy in his personal life. Even without an exact birth time (which we need for rising sign and midheaven), there are enough connections between Sun and Venus — as recently as March  2011 — that would likely be reflected as a happy time for marriage — and yes, the birth of a child. And yesterday it was revealed in the New York Times that Weiner’s wife is….pregnant.

Drilling down even deeper, I examined aspects between planets and the midpoints among planets. In November of 2009, we see an arc between disruptive, risk-taking Uranus and the midpoint of loving Venus and horny Mars which translates, according  to Noel Tyl’s outstanding reference texts as “intense passion; high nervous involvement with things sexual; sexual experimentation; dangerous liaison.” Weiner reportedly began his sexting adventures three years ago. His horoscope strongly suggests a need for risk and excitement. Makes me wonder what others born around September 4, 1964 have been doing in their spare time…

Life is complicated and filled with contradictions. Planetary patterns reflect life. Was it inevitable that this unfortunate series of events would happen in Weiner’s life? I would argue it wasn’t inevitable. But his horoscope suggests a vulnerability to such events. And maybe, just maybe…if Weiner were aware of this vulnerability beforehand, he might have used his awareness and free will to make more empowering choices under clear-as-day times of stress. That’s one way astrology can be of service.