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Monday 10/5/2020: Sneak Peek at the Week

The work week began with the Moon in Taurus, doing its best to preserve the status quo, keep calm & carry on. Moon went void at 2:41 PM ET, offering a chance to chill, tend to routine concerns and not make a mountain out of a molehill. Moon enters Gemini at 12:03 AM ET on…

  • TUESDAY. The only aspect is a square between the chatty info-seeking Gemini Moon and Venus is perfection seeking Virgo at 8:41 AM ET. The rest of the day is colored by the buzz of the first of three face-offs between Mercury and Uranus, exact on…
  • WEDNESDAY…at 4:54 PM ET. This  suggests disruptive communication — likely tied to the P45 Administration, as this opposition will activate the Scorpio Moon in the P45 Inauguration chart. It also suggests tech breakthroughs, revelations in the astrology community (if you’re connected to that on Twitter) and matters involving “unconventional” alliances and gender-benders. Otherwise, the Gemini Moon gets off to a balanced start — in harmony with the Libra Sun at 5:18 PM ET…then gets foggy around 1:52 PM ET, when it is squared by Neptune. After the disruptive news reflecting the 4:54 PM ET face off between Mercury and Uranus, the Gemini Moon makes a cooperative sextile with action hero Mars at 9:57 PM ET — excellent for walking your talk — and for a debate between Kamala Harris and Mike Pence. Note that the Moon goes void at 9:57 PM ET —  increasing the potential for twists, flakes or turning a sizzle into a fizzle. We’ll see how the void affects the energy of that war of words.
  • THURSDAY: Moon enters Cancer at 11:45 AM ET. The prior Gemini Moon void is your excuse for a slow start to the morning. A Cancer Moon turns our focus to home/homeland and emotional security needs. Are you feeling well-nourished? The Moon travels without interference all day,  giving you time to replenish body and soul, in preparation for the outburst of energy (Mars square Pluto) that arrives on Friday morning. In a delightful Moon-void twist and Mercury-Uranus stroke of genius, Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week (posted on Monday) offers Really Useful Coping Strategies — in the form of a extra-special bonus card — wheee!
  • FRIDAYMars squares Pluto at 9:19 AM ET, facilitating your morning workout or other ruthless effort/brute force. Macho Mars is retrograde in Aries — so it’s all me-me-me-fight, me-drive — in the Pluto extreme. You’re personally affected if you have a planet or point around 22 Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. This square is re-activating seeds of extremes of control that were planted in mid-January. This. Does. Not. Mean. It’s. All. Going. To. Be. Bad. If you’ve got a marathon to run, Mars-Pluto can be an asset. There are no other planetary patterns until 8:39 PM ET, when the 3rd Quarter Moon is exact at 17 Cancer (the Moon) square the 17 Libra Sun. Things get big and dreamy around 11 PM ET, when Moon squares Jupiter (expansion) and trines Neptune (dreamy).
  • SATURDAY: The emotionally sensitive Cancer Moon is challenged between 6 AM and 6:30 AM ET, as it squares and opposes Mars and Pluto, respectively. Catharsis? A final control is imposed at 12:04 PM ET, when the Moon opposes authoritarian Saturn — and then goes void. Chill chill chill — take Beth Owl’s previously linked coping strategies to heart, as the potential for enjoyment is present in other planetary patterns, thank goddess. During the Moon void, Venus trines Uranus, facilitating friends of all shapes, sizes and persuasions. That’s exact at 7:07 PM ET; Moon roars into Leo at 8:24 PM ET, looking for ways to party and shine.
  • SUNDAY: Sun squares Jupiter at 9:35 AM ET — ain’t life grand, especially for would-be kings and queens! A surprise twist occurs at 1:27 PM ET, as Moon squares Uranus. The whole weekend may have an expansive rosy glow, courtesy of two patterns exact on Monday. The third sextile between Jupiter & Neptune suggests matters of faith, healing, idealism, drugs, oil and oceans in the news; Mercury sextile Venus — more idealism on a personal level, apt for cult or hero worship.


BACK UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW as Mercury will slowing to a virtual standstill this week, turning retrograde on Tuesday the 13th. There will be no whingeing permitted, as Mercury retrogrades have plenty of plusses — and we will discuss them all in the next post. But if you need a sneak peek,  here’s a post from a prior Mercury Rx in Scorpio.

In honor of Mercury’s upcoming retrograde, now is also the time to CHECK YOUR VOTER REGISTRATION STATUS . Voter registration deadlines in many states are happening this week — and in some states, the deadline to register is TONIGHT!!  Request your absentee ballot, too — if that’s how you were planning to vote.

And now, the news.

Pluto turning direct on Sunday suggested news from underground, likely involving power and resources.

Mercury opposing Uranus suggests disruptive thoughts and communication:

Seth Meyers sums up the weekend in Washington in tonight’s episode of A Closer Look. Here’s a closer look at his horoscope. He’s a Capricorn, driven by the Moon in Aquarius. We anticipate a need to channel ambition in a way that is socially significant. His Venus-Jupiter conjunction in Aquarius suggests a generous humanitarian spirit, softening the potential dourness of his Mercury in Capricorn (a need to think in practical terms) opposing Saturn (gravitas). How he needs to think just has to get noticed, given Mercury and Saturn at the Aries Point. Looking at his Wikipedia bio, it seems Meyers has two sons — both of whom are Aries. Watch how he delivers his monologue (linked above). Intense, rapid-fire…what do you think his Ascendant is, hmm?

Meanwhile, in Miami tonight…

…and while Joe may be cookin’ with gas, I’m fizzling out! The Taurus Moon is still void…time to put this forecast to bed and then some. Gratitude to cherished Avid Readers who crossed my palm with silver with Joyful Random Expressions of Appreciation over the weekend. Your energy inspires me to keep on writing.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations, reports, Quick Questions and so forth.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

Sweet dreams…