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Monday 1/30/2023: Sneak Peek at the Week; Mars in the News; Sun Square Uranus: Venus Square Mars; Full Moon in Leo

It’s Monday. Do you know where your planets are? I’ll tell you.

We are still processing the waves of assertive/aggressive energy flowing over the wires in recent days. This flow reflects Mars (action, aggression) as it moves forward and picks up speed. As it moves forward, it is activating a span in the sign of Gemini (8-25 degrees) for the third time since Mars entered Gemini in August. Thus we are receiving new information on past acts of aggression, with some of it perpetrated by people who are arguably seriously debilitated. I say this because of yesterday’s trine (harmony) between Mars and the Aquarius Sun. In the language of traditional astrology, Sun in Aquarius is debilitated, and thus likely not functioning at its highest sunny potential.

Highlights this week are:

  • Sun squares Uranus on Friday
  • Venus squares Mars on Saturday
  • Full Moon in Leo on Sunday

It’s likely to be an exciting, provocative and illuminating week, and it goes like this:

  • MONDAY: Moon enters Gemini at 3:34 AM ET, driving the start of the work week with a need to be the smartest kid in the room. Get the info; send the message; talk it out, perhaps from both sides. Lunchtime ET may require an adjustment, as the blah blah blah Gemini Moon squares mute Venus in Pisces, at a loss to articulate that which is intangible. Good cheer kicks in by 3 PM ET, as Moon sextiles Jupiter. Be aware of the assertive energies that may be on the rise around 11:26 PM ET, as Moon meets up with (aggressive) Mars. Stay focused on what’s important and it may all work out just fine, reflecting the harmony (trine) between the Sun and the Moon, exact at 1:24 AM ET on…
  • TUESDAY.  There are no exact aspects among the planets today. If it feels like a wandering buzz, the wandering part is the lack of connections in the cosmic sandbox. The buzz is the build-up of tension to patterns that begin on Friday, as noted in the highlights above.
  • WEDNESDAYMoon squares Neptune at 2:20 AM ET, experienced by some as a dreamy escape. If you wake up needing to turn a dream into reality, you’re tuning into the trine between the Moon and Saturn (structure, authority), exact at 6:58 AM ET. Ah…..but then the Moon goes VOID for the next eight hours, possibly taking the wind out of your sails. Go with the intuitive flow; roll with whatever twists and flakes derail your efforts to move forward in a straight line. CHILL over any crises that arises…and with a Gemini Moon void, the crisis may be over some trivial factoid, solely for the sake of diversion and entertainment. No impulse purchases, if you please. Moon enters Cancer at 3:11 PM ET, now focused on creating emotional, home and homeland security. Cancer Moons seem to prompt action in the U.S. Congress, so let’s watch and see what they do.
  • THURSDAY: Big enthusiasm overnight reflects the Moon’s square to Jupiter at 3:54 AM ET. Except for the aforementioned tension building to a release this weekend, patterns today are motivated and sweet. Moon trines Venus at 7:14 AM ET, facilitating a potentially very good morning. Innovation and unconventional alliances may factor in for the rest of the day, as Moon sextiles Uranus, exact at 9:27 PM ET
  • FRIDAY: An illumination and release in matters of practical, status-seeking information and communication may hit the wires around 7:09 AM ET, as Mercury opposes the Moon. The earthy practicality challenges the security-seeking Cancer Moon. A trine to the Moon from Neptune at 3:01 PM ET, attempts to take the edge off. The Friday night news dump could be a shock to the system as Sun squares Uranus at 9:50 PM ET. The Sun refers to leaders of state and business, and also the heart. Uranus refers to upset, breakthroughs, genetic mutations, gender-benders, seismic activity, astrology, aviation, technology, networks, just to name a few. Here are headlines from a past Sun-Uranus square. This square is amplified by the Moon’s weekly clash with Pluto, suggesting a catharsis or power play, exact at 1:18 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY. Chill during the brief Moon void. At 3:48 AM, Moon enters regal Leo, looking for love, honor and — if we’re lucky — a stage to play on or an occasion to celebrate. Your coping strategy in a Moon Leo phase is to pay someone a compliment. Shine — and help others to shine, too. There’s no Moon void, so you can shop at yard sales without worrying that what you find won’t live up to expectations.  The regal/partying drive of the Moon is boosted by a trine to Jupiter (expansion), exact at 5:33 PM ET. Fun for a Saturday night date, perhaps — depending on how the tension between Venus and Mars works out, exact at 10:28 PM ET. Venus is in Pisces, an exalted and possibly dreamy state of being.  Mars – which refers to action and desire — is in Gemini, possibility using words as a coping strategy, a weapon or a call to arms — but in ways that may be entertaining or diverse. Sparks may fly, with action and desire facilitated by the Moon’s sextile (a cooperative alignment) to Mars, exact at 2:35 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY. More potential buzz in the morning. Emotions are on the rise, as the Moon waxes to its fullness at 1:28 PM ET. But first, Moon squares Uranus at 10:08 AM ET, suggesting an upset to the status quo, for better or worse. Don’t think it’s always for worse!!! Mmkay?

Here is the Full Moon in Leo, set in Washington DC:


  • This Full Moon activates the potent lunar eclipse of November 8, 2022 — Election Day. Much that was hiding in plain sight back then may be released now.
  • Saturn is close to the end of Aquarius, activating other past eclipses — from last May and November 2021.
  • The Ascendant and Midheaven are close to those of VP Kamala Harris
  • Mercury is the ruler of this chart and it is in the house associated with death, debt, other peoples’ values and occult mysteries. Mercury is sextile Neptune, suggesting an idealistic mindset. Neptune, as Avid Readers know, refers to many things, including music, drugs, spirits of all kinds, healing, delusion, deception.
  • It’s therefore fascinating to see this Mercury-Neptune connection echoed in the Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon: a non-vested church choir. This is an image of ordinary people in ordinary clothes — not ordained and not in vestments — gathering together to sing their own version of spiritual things — for better or worse. The Sabian Symbol for the Aquarius Sun in this chart is “a watchdog.” And therein lies the conflict. We have a choir doing its own thing — not adhering to correct form and function — and it is opposed by a designated authority figure. Sabian Sage Blain Bovee advises us to be mindful of  “long-held traditions as opposed to new, unrestrained ways of doing things; being overly fired-up — in the way a new prison warden might watch over inmates.” Also: shifts in key that may be degrading or uplifting… with more here.
  • You are more personally affected by this Full Moon if you have planets or angles around 16 degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus and Scorpio…and — off the top of my head — if you are William Barr, who certainly is getting a lot of attention these days, reflecting the action in what we know about his horoscope.

And now, the news.

If you like listening to the astonishing synchronicity of astrology and the news (in addition to reading about it), I’m pleased to report that Episode 22 of Off The Charts: A Stellar Newscast is out — and we’re going to do a podcast every week, not just every other week. Woot! Take a listen here— and sign up to receive alerts when new episodes  are released.

Much of last week’s news — as I said — reflected the rush of assertive/aggressive energy of Mars turning direct and trining the Sun. In the U.S., this was made more intense by Mars still sitting on the U.S. Uranus, suggesting disruptive action. Innovation and technology networks are added to the mix by the trine between Mercury and Uranus.

UPDATE: “Boeing pleads not guilty to fraud in criminal case over deadly 737 Max crashes”   Longtime Avid Readers know that I’ve been writing about Boeing’s horoscope since 2018, though it’s been a while since I’ve checked its horoscope. The timing of these charges aren’t the least bit surprising, as Boeing is experiencing the third hit of a Saturn return, for one.  A reality check would be in order.


In light of the weekend’s planetary patterns, going to see “Everything Everywhere All at Once seemed to be an apt choice. Lots of martial arts and fight scenes (Sun trine Mars), and multiple realities (Mars in Gemini) facilitated by futuristic technology (Mercury trine Uranus). The movie earned 11 Oscar nominations, including actor nods for stars Michelle Yeoh and Jamie Lee Curtis (whose horoscope we’ve written about before). But as I wrote to a friend earlier today, on the surface it’s a sci-fi/fantasy film, but a good sizable part is really about relationships — arguably “karmic” ones, i.e., the ones your psychic will say you’ve been in lifetime after lifetime…and how they can drive you crazy. Go see it with someone who enjoys talking about the meaning of life and other such things. It ends happily.

Ooh! Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week has just been posted. Looks like her Card is reflecting the illuminating liberation potential of the weekend’s planetary patterns.

Oh — and before I forget! Last week I had the great pleasure to give a talk to a small social gathering of women, hosted by two Avid Readers of this forecast. Armed with a killer PowerPoint, I explained how astrology works, with insights on major planetary patterns of the past two years, and what we can expect in 2023. I love explaining astrology to people who haven’t studied it. At the end of the 90 minute talk, we looked briefly at everyone’s horoscopes, with a focus on understanding their Moon signs…because the Moon drives the bus!

If that sounds like a fun activity for your company, social club or gathering of friends, please contact me for details.

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and sharing it with friends.

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