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Wednesday & Thursday 5/10-11/2017: Full Moon in Scorpio; Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Allll-righty then!

Judging from this week’s headlines, I’d say they are perfectly in sync with planetary patterns, i.e., the meet-up between Mercury and Uranus in Aries at 1:19AM ET today, suggesting bizarre and reckless ideas/communication. Also recall this paragraph from Monday’s forecast:

Pass the popcorn and get ready for more startling communications to come to light, with a scandalous or fanatical spin. Why scandalous and/or fanatical? Because on THURSDAY, Mars (action, guns, macho, courage) will be challenged by Neptune (scandal, glamour, chemicals, oil, spirits, drugs) at 1:53 PM ET…followed by a serious alignment between Mercury and Saturn. Add an easy physicality or expansive feel to whatever is hitting the news this week, suggested by an easy flow between Mars and Jupiter (big!) on FRIDAY at 5:19 AM ET.

Writing this just before the  Full Moon in Scorpio, exact at 5:42 PM ET. The Moon at 20 degrees of Scorpio opposes the Sun at 20 Taurus.  A Full Moon suggests emotions are on the rise, building to a release or illumination. A Scorpio Moon suggests a need for depth, substance and control. If you have planets or angles around 20 degrees of Aquarius, Leo and especially Taurus and Scorpio, you are more personally affected. In the horoscope of P45, for example, this Full Moon falls close to two angles — the MC and the IC, highlighting career, reputation, family and homeland concerns. It also squares his Mars (action!). More on his horoscope in a minute.

The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are 1) “a soldier derelict in duty” (for the Moon); and 2) “a finger pointing to a open book” (for the Sun).  For the latter, it seems self-explanatory. The information is right in front of us, open for all to see. For the former, we turn to Wikipedia:

Dereliction of duty is a specific offense under United States Code Title 10, Section 892, Article 92 and applies to all branches of the US military. A service member who is derelict has willfully refused to perform his duties (or follow a given order) or has incapacitated himself in such a way that he cannot perform his duties. Such incapacitation includes the person falling asleep while on duty requiring wakefulness, his getting drunk or otherwise intoxicated and consequently being unable to perform his duties, shooting himself and thus being unable to perform any duty, or his vacating his post contrary to regulations. Article 92 also applies to service members whose acts or omissions rise to the level of criminally negligent behavior.

Consider those two Symbols as we turn to the news.

On March 17th I wrote:

I’m marking mid-May in my calendar as a date to watch, given certain disruptive and provocative hits to the area ruling public status in the inaugural chart of the current administration.

The disruptive hits in question would be Mercury and Uranus hitting Midheaven of the inaugural chart. Mercury suggests communication; Uranus suggests a shake-up. On Monday, the big story was this: “Twitter Could Barely Keep Up with Sally Q. Yates’ Queenly Congressional Testimony.”  “Queenly” is particularly apt for Ms. Yates, who was born on August 20, 1960. Her Sun, Moon, Mercury and Uranus are all in Leo! You bet she carries herself like a queen, and I bet the person who wrote that headline has never looked at Ms. Yates’ horoscope. Astrology is amazing.

Highlights of her appearance include her evisceration of Ted Cruz’s need to prove he’s a genius, as his horoscope would suggest.  Here is that video.  Also noteworthy: Sen. Al Franken speculates on why it took P45 18 days to fire National Security Advisor Mike Flynn after Ms. Yates warned P45 that Gen. Flynn may have been compromised by the Russians. This week’s planetary patterns are apt for airing a conspiracy theory, and given what happened yesterday, Senator Franken’s timing is perfect.

Unless you have been living under a rock, you know that yesterday FBI Director James Comey was sacked! He found out about it when it was announced on television. P45 didn’t even call. Surprise! But you, dear Reader, are not terribly surprised by Mr. Comey’s sudden departure, because you knew last Halloween that 2017 was likely to be a very tough year for the former Director, and the squeeze is far from over. Today it was reported that last week Mr. Comey asked for increased funding of the FBI’s Russia inquiry. Presumably that request was denied. Stay tuned for continuing updates — and consider this tweet from former Attorney General Eric Holder, reacting to Comey’s dismissal:

To the career men and women at DOJ/FBI: you know what the job entails and how to do it. Be strong and unafraid. Duty. Honor. Country.

Meanwhile, you also knew that P45 would be feeling the intense buzz of transiting Uranus to his natal Venus, impacting his mindset and career status. The first of three exact hits happened on May 6th. Shocking and/or erratic communication would be one potential.  Here’s an account of his mindset over the weekend.

The day after dismissing Mr. Comey, P45 invited the Russian Foreign Minister and the Russian Ambassador to the White House. Not invited: the U.S. press. Photos in this article provided by TASS, the Russian state news agency. Bizarre. Controlling. Scandalous. And reflecting planetary patterns, including the information controls anticipated by Saturn’s journey through Sagittarius.

Other restrictive information controls noted this week include: a reporter arrested after repeatedly asking HHS Secretary Tom Price a question about Trumpcare (!!). TV monitors at the FDA were (briefly) required to be tuned to FOX (until someone made a fuss). Meanwhile, the U.S. Census Director has abruptly  resigned. And by the way, the 2020 Census doesn’t plan to gather information about gender and sexual identity. Because if the data isn’t gathered, it means “those people” don’t exist. Right? Elsewhere, the EPA deleted its webpages about climate change — but you can find that info on the website of the city of Chicago, thanks to Chicago’s mayor.

These are the interesting times in which we live.

In other news, astronaut Buzz Aldrin touted a vision for a manned mission to Mars.  That’s an upside potential of a Mars-Neptune square, combined with the tech-savvy of Mercury with Uranus. Also an upside: Russian hackers tried unsuccessfully to derail Emmanuel Macron’s victorious election campaign. Why? Because the French were ready for the hack — and they fought back with their own fake documents.

Tomorrow (Thursday), the Moon will be void until 12:59 PM ET. That’s your excuse for sleeping in – and any other disruption in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. Remember that crises that crop up during voids are likely to be much ado about nothing. Chill and stick to routine concerns.

After 1PM ET, breathe a sigh of relief as the Moon bounds into Sagittarius, looking for a gamble or a gambol. Physical energy is likely to be high, courtesy of a harmony between Mars and Jupiter, exact early Friday morning. Do something productive with all of that enthusiasm.

Thank you for reading this forecast. To find out what all of these planetary patterns mean for you, consider booking a personal consultation. We will have an excellent discussion together.