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Monday 7/11/2022: Sneak Peek at the Week; Full Moon in Capricorn; Hope & Humanity

Allllll-righty then!

Here are major patterns we’ll experience this week:

  • Venus trine Saturn on Wednesday
  • Full Moon in Capricorn on Wednesday
  • Mercury sextile Uranus on Wednesday
  • Venus square Neptune on Thursday
  • Sun conjunct Mercury on Saturday
  • Sun-Mercury trine Neptune on Sunday

We see strong potential for visionary thinking and sublime artistry, along with the usual surreal. Artists and healers may find this week quite productive. Here’s how it goes:

  • MONDAY: Moon is in Sagittarius, driving the day with a need to express boundary-pushing ideals and opinions. If your mission is to be of influence, actions today can support your pitch, especially if you appeal to your audience’s need for emotional and home security. A clash of values may crop up around 5:11 PM ET, as Moon opposes Venus. Or perhaps a woman in your life is somewhat peeved. Rework the structure; add some vision and maybe a dose of forgiveness, as Moon sextiles Saturn and squares Neptune. Chill during the seven-hour Moon void after the Neptune square at 9:42 PM ET. Roll with the twists and flakes and don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. If you happen to be the United States of America — congratulations, you’re having the second hit of your three-pronged Pluto Return today. Watch the news for stories of breakdown, transformation and power shifts.
  • TUESDAY: Moon enters Capricorn at 5:01 AM ET, driving the next two days with a need to Make Things Happen. A trine to Mars at 1:12 PM ET, followed by a square to Jupiter at 6:07 PM ET makes it all flow with earthy practicality, albeit grandly crusading. Leaders are sure to be in the public eye, as the Sun sextiles the North Node at 11:45 PM ET.
  • WEDNESDAY: It’s worth noting that Mercury (how we need to think and communicate) will square Chiron (the wounded healer) at 12:07 AM ET, and I’ll tell you why when I talk about the news. Meanwhile, at 12:27 AM ET, Venus (who, what and how we need to love) trines Saturn (necessary controls; structure, authority). Have these past few days been good for business? Moon opposes Mercury at 7:58 AM ET, possibly jamming communications or bringing a difference in thought to light. Innovation and helpful connections saves the morning, as Moon trines Uranus at 9:41 AM ET. The need for status and accomplishment builds to a crest, reflecting the Full Moon in Capricorn at 2:37 PM ET.

A pause, while we consider the chart for this Full Moon — which is also a SuperMoon and thus looming large.



  • Capricorn Moon’s need to take care of business, strategize and utilize resources (including people) opposes the energy of the Cancer Sun, which is centered on building home and homeland security, with feeling. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how it feels; it just needs to get done! And therein lies the conflict — and potential illumination/release.
  • Sun and Moon in the 9th and 3rd houses shine a spotlight on mindset, documents, foreign affairs, and collective belief systems — just as the Full Moon in Capricorn did in 2021.
  • It’s fascinating that 2021’s Full Moon in Capricorn activated patterns on the December 2019 New Moon in Capricorn, which was also an eclipse.  The 2022 Full Moon Capricorn activates the lunar eclipse of January 10,  2020 at 20 Cancer/Capricorn, which occurred two days before the one and only Saturn-Pluto conjunction at 22 Capricorn. Astrologers pay close attention when prior patterns are activated, anticipating a recurrence of events. The January 10, 2020 lunar eclipse was when the Covid gene sequence was published. In recent days, transiting Mars was at 20-22 Aries, activating those very potent January 2020 planetary patterns. This week’s Full Moon is at 21 Capricorn/Cancer, and isn’t it interesting that we’re seeing a surge in cases related to to two omicron Covid variants — BA 4 and BA 5 — all around the world.  If you haven’t heard about the surge of this particularly contagious variant, planetary patterns suggest that in the wake of this Capricorn Full Moon, you probably will. Mask up!
  • We can’t help but notice Mars — not at its best in Taurus — exactly opposing the Ascendant. Mars is the traditional ruler of this chart’s Scorpio Ascendant (Pluto is the modern ruler). Mars rules the sixth house: employment conditions, labor/enslavement and dis-eases of the body. If this chart was for a solar return or a horary question, I’d be concerned about a potentially critical illness. We could see it as another argument for a Covid surge — or something else TBD.
  • Moon and Sun will next connect easily with Neptune. Then they make a more challenging connection with Pluto. Note that the Sun will oppose Pluto on the 19th, which will be followed by the Third Quarter Moon on the 20th, which activates Kamala Harris’ horoscope and the U.S. Pluto Return. Also on the 20th: Mars arrives at 10 Taurus, releasing the bottlenecked energy of the April 30th solar eclipse. Anyone with planets around 10 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius may be more personally affected.
  • The Sabian Symbols for this lunation are: “a general accepting defeat gracefully” (for the Cap Moon), and “a woman awaiting a sailboat” (for the Cancer Sun). Assorted Sabian Symbols experts observe that both symbols argue for the wisdom of acknowledging forces beyond our control — and perhaps those forces in the larger scheme of things know the plot line better than us. The woman awaiting the sailboat is expectant, but the sailboat won’t arrive without the cooperation of the wind. We can still hope — and we MUST!
  • I last wrote about “the general accepting defeat” on the New Moon in Capricorn 2013 — and oh how things have NOT changed since then!  “A general accepting defeat gracefully”. How do we apply this in real life? What can we expect? First, a strong suggestion of the old saying, “it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game”. Integrity, honor, reputation will be key to success, regardless of the outcome of the quest. Even if the quest fails, you will be considered successful if you act with integrity and are wise enough to know when you must surrender to a higher power. Sabian Symbol guru Blain Bovee observes that “a general symbolically acknowledges defeat by surrendering his sword…relinquishing all intention of directing an attack; disarming conflict”. Look for these themes in the headlines and in your own personal world. One way I see this manifesting will be in the debate around gun control in United States, which is getting especially heated now that action is being threatened…”  (and here’s what happened today — 7/11/2022 —  in the U.S. re: gun control)
  • You are more personally affected by the illumination potential of this Full Moon in Capricorn if you have planets or angles around 22 degrees Capricorn, Cancer, Aries or Libra. Consult your local astrologer for details.

Back to the Forecast:

  • WEDNESDAY (CONT): potent as this Full Moon may be, genius may be at play, reflecting a creative sextile between Mercury and rebel Uranus, exact at 8:16 PM ET, accompanied by a reverie as Moon sextiles Neptune at 8:56 PM ET. Depth, power plays and catharses are up next, as Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 12:16 AM ET on…
  • THURSDAY:  and then goes void. Chill and consider that we are still under the spell of the square between Venus and Neptune at 1:23 AM ET. Moon enters Aquarius at 4:13 AM ET,  driving the rest of the work week with a need to be of social significance. A clash between the Moon and stubborn Mars in Taurus at 2:38 PM ET may spark conflict; a sextile between Moon and Jupiter at 5:29 PM ET may smooth things out…for now.
  • FRIDAY: An upset to the status quo at 9:15 AM ET should get East Coasters out of bed, reflecting the square between the Moon and Uranus. The Aquarius Moon’s need for social significance may feel a bit squeezed today, especially around 6:27 PM ET, as it meets up with taskmaster Saturn. Heavy news or a block to an inspired agenda may be reported. This, too, shall pass. A bit of sweetness can be had in the evening, as Moon trines Venus at 12:36 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY: …and then goes void. Moon enters Pisces at 4:18 AM ET,  facilitating empathy and accommodation re: whatever gravitas landed on Friday evening. There may be a wandering, intuitive flow to this day, as Moon travels without interference for most of it. Mercury meets up with the Sun at 3:37 PM ET (a focus on thoughts of emotional security)…and then at 3:52 AM ET on..
  • SUNDAY: Mercury trines Neptune. At 6:55 PM ET, Sun trines Neptune, too, reflecting themes of oil, healing, drugs, refugees and spirits of all kinds…along with dreams, pixie-dust and rose-colored glasses. I hope you planned a lovely summer weekend escape. Mercury and the Sun oppose Pluto next week, offering a bonanza for investigative reporters covering power and resources, especially with respect to the Powers That Be. Oh – and goodness gracious — how could I forget to mention that Venus exits Gemini at 9:32 PM ET and enters Cancer. 0 Cancer is at the Aries Point, so we’ll be hearing from Ted Cruz — and everyone else with planets and/or angles at this point of prominence — any minute now.

Here is Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card of the Week — always in sync!

And now, the news.

Last week I told you that Mars entering Taurus would be provocative for President Biden and Queen Elizabeth, as both have planets at 0 degrees of Taurus (Moon for Biden; Sun for Her Royal Highness). For President Biden, such provocation included the press having a field day with his tanking poll numbers and op-eds arguing he’s too old to run for a second term. Meanwhile, the latest news from his first term includes good job numbers, low unemployment and dropping gas prices, reflecting his efforts — according to Heather Cox Richardson — to rebuild America’s middle class.

But guess who has Moon at 0 Scorpio (and thus would also be provoked), as well as Sun-Mercury at the end of Gemini (and thus would have been dealing with prominent communications as transiting Mercury traveled over those degrees on its way to 0 Cancer last Tuesday. Alexander Boris DePfeiffel Johnson, who resigned as leader of the Conservative Party because scandal wipeout scandal, reflecting a Neptune pattern all over his horoscope this year.  

I wish I had a more reliable SEO function on my website, because I’ve written in-depth about Johnson’s horoscope in the past, and I can’t find it. What’s interesting about it now is that he has an exact opposition between Jupiter (big) and Neptune (things may not be as they seem) in his birth chart, and this pattern was hit by Saturn and Uranus earlier this year (with more to come from the latter). Activation of this opposition is what’s driving the action, along with a recent solar arc between Uranus (change!) and his ASC. The heavy streamlining he faces now will fade into the background as yet another solar arc between Saturn and the Moon begins to release in September. I am convinced he will find something grand and expansive to do in early 2023, when transiting Jupiter opposes his MC and squares his ASC, just as a solar arc from Jupiter conjoins his MC and his second Saturn Return demands he get seriously focused on the truly important things in life. Moral of the story: solar arcs (another way astrologers can measure time) are as impactful as transits. When you have a lot of them in a concentrated period, big stuff happens.


I’m reluctant to dive into what we know of Shinzo Abe’s horoscope. Abe is the former prime minister of Japan who was assassinated last week by a man with a homemade gun. It’s beyond surreal that this could happen in a country with incredibly sane laws regulating the possession of firearms.  The assassin appears to have been motivated by his mother’s experience with the Unification Church (the Moonies), and an alleged belief that Abe was somehow connected to that Church. This seems to reflect the wiggy cult potential of 2022’s dominant pattern — the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction in Pisces.  Abe was born with a Jupiter-Neptune square. The whole thing is utterly sad, perhaps reflecting last week’s square between the Sun (leaders) and Chiron (a wound that cannot heal). Chiron is moving to a standstill now, preparing to turn retrograde on July 19th.


It’s tough to cover the news these days! Even reporters are reluctant to consume what their managing editors choose to put out, as you will appreciate in Amanda Ripley’s recent op-ed in the Washington Post. What’s missing in the news, (she writes), is hope, agency and dignity. We can file this story under Friday’s square between Mercury in Cancer (thoughts focused on emotional security) and Jupiter (publishing) in Aries.

So here are a few stories that reflect planetary patterns — and also offer hope, agency and dignity. Read Heather Cox Richardson’s nightly posts for the latest on all the political happenings — and trust that all of the players on the stage are there because there’s something going on in their horoscopes. Her post for tonight is up early, and it’s got all the dirt on tomorrow’s J6 committee hearings, along with Steve Bannon’s failed tap-dancing (an attempt to delay the start of his trial next week on an explosive Sun-Mercury opposition to Pluto). Bannon’s failure today comes courtesy of transiting Mars opposing Saturn. Translation: “the blocking or denial of assertive instincts.” Oh, well. Timing is everything.

File these awesome stories under Sunday’s sextile between the Sun and Uranus — friendship, technology, innovation, aviation and astrology:

  • “He Had a Dark Secret. It Changed His Best Friend‘s Life”  No paywall here — and I hope it wins an award. “News doesn’t  often focus on friendship,” writes Sam Dolnick for the NYT. Well, maybe the news should. This story has a bit of Chiron in it, along with strong Neptune themes of the power of redemption. It inspires contemplation about bad choices we might make…that turn out to be miraculous in the end. It reminds me of my favorite fable about the Chinese farmer, who refuses to pass judgment on events that others declare are good or bad. You can read it here; it’s short. It’s helpful for times when everything seems to be falling apart and heading towards an end. Is this bad? Maybe. Or maybe not — and we’ll see why we when get to the next chapter.
  • The Quest by Circadian Medicine to Make the Most of Our Body Clocks,” is on the cover the the NYT Sunday Magazine. “Researchers are trying to figure out the right time of day to do everything. Can their studies sync us up with better health?” That’s the sub-head…and I’m thinking…”wait ’til these researchers find out what astrologers do for a living.” That’s why I filed this story under “astrology,” reflecting the Sun-Uranus sextile.
  • “A Flight Attendant’s Tips to Surviving Travel Now”
  • The Large Hadron Collider will fire up again on Tuesday, after being on hiatus. This is the big thingamajig that discovered the “God Particle.” What’s next?
  • First images from NASA’s James Webb telescope reveals ancient galaxies. Did you know VP Kamala Harris chairs the Space Council? Of course she would, with transiting Neptune square her Gemini Ascendant. Far out!

To find out what all these planetary patterns are doing in your own unique horoscope, here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast — and for listening and watching to my podcasts — the weekly Whether Forecast and the bi-weekly Off The Charts: A Stellar Newscast with my colleague and co-host Whitney Fishburn.