Sunday 10/3/2021: Catching Up on the News

Allllllrighty then!

Here’s a quick recap of patterns driving the weekend:

  • SATURDAY: Issues of women and empowerment, especially in matters of sex and death — were on the agenda this morning, as Venus in Scorpio dares to go there, supported by a sextile to Pluto. We’re being set up for the second round of significant news regarding court opinions and cases, and incriminating documents, as Mercury trines Jupiter on Sunday at 8:04 PM ET. In your own personal world, the Leo Moon — combined with Mercury retrograde — is an excuse to party. Moon squares Mercury at 7:42 PM ET, suggesting a communication matter that may need to be sorted out. Moon then goes void…and doesn’t enter Virgo (to clean up the Leo Moon’s party confetti) until 4:37 AM ET on…
  • SUNDAY. A Virgo Moon needs to sort things out and make things right. It’s the perfect pattern for a Mercury retrograde REorganization project. Attack those closets, files, and drawers! There are no exact aspects to the Moon for the entire day, which can almost feel as wandering in focus as a Moon void. Go with the intuitive flow.  A whole new cycle begins next Wednesday with the New Moon in Libra.

No sleeping in on MONDAY.  The Virgo Moon continues on its mission, with a bit of confusion around suppertime, as it is opposed by Neptune. And of course, Mercury is still retrograde, muddying communication channels and messing with schedules. But since you know about Mercury Retrograde, you won’t let these glitches throw you off balance, right? And you’ll remember to FOCUS and double-check the tech stuff thrice before hitting SEND.

And not only that, but the Moon is at the end of its cycle, leaving us feeling listless or restless. But rest assured there will be plenty of clandestine meetings scheduled so as to profit from these days with no lunar light.

And now, the news.

This Mercury retrograde is “coinciding” with a ton of news from underground, thanks to its second trine to Jupiter (big!) on Sunday, and its second square to Pluto last Friday.  I’ve noticed plenty of exceptionally deep stories that REvisit people and events from the past because Mercury retrogrades are the perfect time for a REunion. For example:

Mercury itself is making news, courtesy of the BepiColombo spacecraft, which has just sent back its first images of the Messenger Planet.


Venus was also hot in the headlines. Venus trined Neptune on Wednesday; squared Jupiter on Thursday and sextiled Pluto on Saturday. We anticipated stories of women, money, values, and social expression that could be any combination of abundant, extravagant, ruthless, dreamy, or delusional.

  • It was an apt pattern for a Women’s March on Washington to protest laws in Texas that effectively and unconstitutionally ban abortion. The Women’s March was one of 60o held around the country on Saturday.
  • Earlier this week, three U.S. Congresswomen — Cori Bush, Barbara Lee, and Pramila Jayapal — spoke to a House oversight committee on reproductive rights about their personal decisions to terminate their respective pregnancies — one of which happened before Roe v. Wade.
  • On a day driven by fun-loving Moon in Leo, combined with the aforementioned Mercury retrograde and Venus patterns, are we surprised to see that the most-shared story on the Guardian’s website is “Sun-powered orgasms are fantastic: Why I went to live in a desert cave.” (Mercury retrograde is an apt time for a REtreat).
  • Erotica also made news in the NYT

In other news…

Stay tuned to this channel for continuing updates. Meanwhile, here’s the 411 on personal consultations. And here is the link to my world-famous Cosmic Tip Jar, with much gratitude to Avid Readers who support my efforts to keep you cosmically informed.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

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