Monday 10/10/2022: Sneak Peek at a Potentially Wiggy Week; Sun-Venus Trine Saturn Strives to Keep It Real

Alllllrighty then!

I started writing this on Sunday, hours after the Full Moon in Aries opposed the Libra Sun at 4:54 PM ET. Translation: energy of diplomacy, fairness and balance, especially in relationships was challenged by the need of the Aries Moon to take action.  On this particular Full Moon, the action plan could involve an initiative to heal wounded feelings (given the Full Moon’s connection to Chiron — a.k.a. the wounded healer), and if that’s the case for you…

…then Monday morning may have an emotionally-charged start. And guess what? That is in fact how my day started — with a text from someone I hadn’t been in touch with for a few months, wanted to reconnect. Astrology is amazing.

Moon squared Pluto at 10:01 AM ET — and then went void until 5:03 PM ET. Hopefully you rolled with the twists and flakes — and didn’t make a mountain out of a molehill of crisis (’cause it would have likely been much ado about nothing). By the time you read this, Moon will be in Taurus, seeking to build material security and preserve the status quo. Meanwhile, at 7:50 PM ET, Mercury — how we need to think and communicate — exits Virgo and enters Libra, now focused on weighing opposing sides in a quest for fairness and balance.

Oh — but I’ve gotten way ahead of myself.

Here are the highlights of this week:

  • Full Moon in Aries this past Sunday
  • Mercury enters Libra on Monday
  • Sun trines Saturn on Tuesday
  • Mars square Neptune on Wednesday
  • Mercury opposing Jupiter on Wednesday
  • Venus trines Saturn on Friday

And here is what the Full Moon in Aries looked like, set in Washington D.C.:

Observations (briefly):

  • As with the New Moon in Libra chart, we see Mars in Gemini in the 4th house — courage/aggression/action — at the root of the horoscope. This time, however, Mars is almost exactly square wiggy Neptune.
  • There are just so many patterns echoing the theme of duality, including Mars in Gemini; Mercury (mindset; information) opposing Jupiter (collective belief system; expansion), both prominent because they are near the Aries Point.
  • Not only that, but check out the Sabian Symbols, which are “two prim spinsters” (for the Moon at 17 Aries) and “a retired sea captain” (for the Sun at 17 Libra). Two spinsters — again with the duality, right? And both Sabian Symbols are spinners — of yarns and possibly tall tales, which fits the Mars-Neptune square, does it not? Sabian Symbol sage Blain Bovee observes that the sea captain’s tales may come from a wealth of personal experience. He’s retired, after all. Perhaps the spinsters are, too — but they opted not to get into the game — or at least the relationship game, so what do they know, hmm? Bovee advises us to apply these Symbols with a mind to “stories that reinvent the past; that maintain a precision about a shared experience; that spin around a central point” — starters. But gosh, what else would we expect in these United States (and perhaps elsewhere as we approach the midterm elections on November 8th)? Here are more thoughts on the spinsters...and here are thoughts on the sea captain.
  • You are more personally affected by this Full Moon if you have planets or angles around 17 Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn. Consult your astrologer for details.

Back to the day-by-day forecast:

  • TUESDAY Moon in Taurus travels without interference all day. Humming in the background for the past few days — and exact at 9:06 PM ET is a trine (harmony) between Sun and Saturn. This supports heads of state and business pulling it all together (watch the news),  against a backdrop of attention-grabbing inspiration – or pixie-dusted weirdness — that hits the wires by the wee hours on…
  • WEDNESDAY: as Mars squares Neptune at 1:46 AM ET (for the first of three passes), as Moon meets up with Uranus (surprise!) at 2:19 AM ET...followed by the last of three oppositions between Mercury and Jupiter at 3:23 AM ET…and then Moon squares Saturn (and someone scrambles for control) at 3:36 AM ET. That’s a lot to process, but let’s deal with the Mars-Neptune square. The United States has one in its horoscope — and guess what? The one that’s happening today activates the one in the U.S. horoscope. Explains a lot of the cray-cray, yes? Wednesday morning.  Mars refers to action, aggression and courage and it’s Gemini – which refers to words, a war of words and a war on words. It also refers to clever doubletalk. Neptune refers to inspiration – and delusion. Watch for news involving men, cars, courage, and aggression — that also involves sexy scandal, deceit, fanatics, drugs, healing, victims, oceans, martyrs, refugees, and wipeouts — ranging from the sublime to the surreal. Whatever fits this pattern on Wednesday is likely to be revisited on November 19th when Mars — which will be retrograde — squares Neptune for the second time. Here’s a truckload of headlines from April 2021, when Mars squared Neptune close to where it is now. You’ll also find a write-up of Prince Phillip’s horoscope, along with thoughts on Queen Elizabeth II.  And if you’re now thinking, “Gosh, this 12-year archive of daily headlines is a treasure trove, worth its weight in gold,” here’s a link to my Cosmic Tip Jar, where you can become a Joyful Random Giver of Appreciation, or do so on Faithful Monthly basis, with much gratitude for keeping me motivated to keep on writing.
  • WEDNESDAY: Whatever jolts greeted us upon waking in the Americas, the Taurus Moon is determined to make everything OK. Moon sextiles Neptune at 12:26 PM ET, offering compassion and vision; Moon trines Pluto at 5:41 PM ET, offering depth of perspective. Chill during the long Moon void.
  • THURSDAY: Moon buzzes into Gemini at 1:07 AM ET, driving the next two days with a need to chatter about whatever sublime or surreal news happened the day before, and separate fact from fiction. Moon sextiles Jupiter at 4:07 AM ET, lifting spirits, and then trines Mercury at 7:29 AM ET, getting the word out. There are no other exact aspects for the rest of the day, but note that the January 6th Committee has scheduled a hearing at 1 PM ET. It’s bound to attract attention if it starts precisely on time, as the 29 Sagittarius Ascendant is Rep. Liz Cheney’s attention-getting Sagittarius Moon. The challenge for the likely near-flawless presentation of evidence is that four planets: Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mars are aligning in a Grand Air Trine, suggesting (nothing surprising here, really) that the committee is preaching to the choir. Meanwhile, the reality check that is working overtime to cut through any Mars-Neptune fog this today is that trine between Venus – women, money, values, social expression — and Saturn – structure, authority. Venus is in Libra; Saturn is in Aquarius – and both function effectively in these signs. And this trine, combined with the “two spinsters” in the Full Moon chart that starts off the week is so ridiculously in sync with Beth Owl’s Daughter’s Tarot Card for the Week that you absolutely, positively must read it to believe it.
  • FRIDAY: Venus trines Saturn at 2:20 AM ET. Moon in Gemini trines Saturn, Venus and the Sun at 1:32 PM ET, 2:51 PM ET and 7:23 PM ET, respectively. Have a nice day — but note the possibly wiggy outburst in the evening, as Moon squares Neptune at 10:45 AM ET and then meets up with warrior Mars at 12:10 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY. Chill during the 12-hour Moon void. CHILL! At 12:10 PM ET, Moon enters Cancer, driving the weekend with a focus on emotional, family and homeland security – whatever you need to feel nourished and enjoy the comforts of home. Do so with wild abandon around 2:43 PM ET, as Moon squares Jupiter.
  • SUNDAY: The focus on home continues. Enjoy. Just note that the tension between Saturn and Uranus is still in effect all week and next.  Saturn refers to the old guard; Uranus refers to the avant garde – and as I have said: ultimately, Uranus – which represents the future – is going to win. But while these planets are in this stubborn holding pattern (as in two tectonic plates jammed together, with neither budging an inch), we will continue to see it reflected in logjams – including supply chains – and pundits whingeing that they can’t understand why certain contests are just too close to call. If only they knew something about mundane astrology…


  • Real-live journalist and fellow astrologer Whitney Fishburn and I released Episode 17 of our podcast, “Off the Charts: A Stellar Newscast.” In this episode we dish about many things Neptune, and we’d love to hear what you think.
  • If you would like to see the headlines that are in sync with planetary patterns, check out the weekly Whether Forecast (or sign up to receive it, so you’ll never forget to search for it). In last week’s edition, I share how I happened to come down with a case of Covid — so you don’t make the same mistake I did. To your health! This week’s edition is hot off the press — or simply a hot mess, ’cause I thought I brushed my hair before recording it, but maybe I didn’t.

And now, the news.

Oh — wait — I have to tell you about the Empowered Astrology Seminar on October 22-23 — on Zoom! Some of you know that I studied with astrologer Noel Tyl, and seven of his masters course graduates are giving talks over the course of two days. Here’s the 411 on this empowering learning opportunity.  Holler if you have questions.

OK. And NOW, the news.

Pluto turning direct suggested matters of power and resources blaring like a car horn in Midtown traffic. Neptune all over the place (especially in an approaching square to Mars) suggested it might be visionary or surreal. Mercury trining Pluto suggested serious dirt from underground, with a few gaffes as Mercury got back up to speed.

  • OPEC+ nations (including TFG buddies Russia and Saudi Arabia) decide to cut oil production by two million barrels a day, one month before the midterms, as Heather Cox Richardson explains. Coincidence or conspiracy, asks Mars square Neptune.
  • Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines are leaking methane — and appear to have been sabotaged.
  • A bridge connecting Crimea and Russia was blown up on the day Pluto turned direct, cutting off a key supply chain. HCR has the latest, including the massive missile attack Russia launched on civilian targets in Ukraine this morning, in the aftermath of the Full Moon in Aries as it squared Pluto.
  • Herschel Walker — the Heisman trophy winner (Mars) with a self-proclaimed multiple personality disorder (Neptune) who’s trying to win the Rev. Raphael Warnock’s (D-GA) seat in the U.S. Senate — was outed by a woman who told The Daily Beast that he’d paid for her to have an abortion in 2009. This would be no one’s business but her own, except that Walker wants all abortions to be outlawed — no exceptions. Walker said he’d never heard of this woman, which became almost comical when it turned out that this woman is also the mother of one of his four known out-of-wedlock children. Walker continued to double down…and the reason that this story reflects Pluto Pluto Pluto –as in U.S. Pluto Return power plays and corruption exposed — is that Republicans are still supporting Walker, with some flat-out saying that they don’t care about the hypocrisy of his stance on abortion; they simply want to control the Senate. That’s pretty darned bald-faced — and it’s apt for Pluto turning direct on the U.S. Pluto. Here’s HCR with the gory details.
  • As it turns out, there wasn’t a single U.S. senator who believed that TFG had not broken the law when he was impeached the first time, according to yet another tell-all book coming to light as Mercury and Pluto turn direct — once again reported by HCR.
  • Need more wiggy headlines? SNL’s latest cold open, “So You Think You Won’t Snap?” has them all for you.
  • With Pluto turning direct on the Midheaven of the Biden-Harris inauguration chart, news of this Administration’s accomplishments is pretty darned empowering, and the list is in the HCR link above.
  • Transformative Politics” — doesn’t that sound like a subject apt for Pluto-turning-direct-in-Capricorn? It was the working title of a “lost manuscript” co-authored by Barack Obama when he was at Harvard Law School — and I’ve gifted this NYT article so you can read it.   Obviously there’s a lot going on in Obama’s horoscope, including the Saturn-Uranus square activating his 18 Aquarius Ascendant, so we see the potential for a fresh start. Plus, with his Venus at the Aries Point, currently activated by the three Mercury-Jupiter oppositions, we see how his values, mindset and publishing would grab our attention. Next year, when Pluto activates his natal Mercury-Jupiter opposition, we see how his access to resources and power of persuasion are likely to become more expansive. I believe he’ll have plenty of reasons to be happy in November onward. Here’s a write-up of his horoscope from 2020.
  • “President Biden pardons 1000s of people convicted of marijuana possession; orders review of federal pot laws”
  • Supreme Court Justice Ketanji Brown Jackson asked powerful questions in her SCOTUS debut last week — which we’d expect with transiting Mercury on her Pluto and Mars-Neptune activating her Virgo Sun. Do read HCR’s report if you missed it.

Meanwhile, in Uruguay...

In other news…

  • I wrote about Kanye West’s horoscope in 2018, when it was heavily under the influence of Neptune. Had I updated it this year, I would have noted that his mindset was likely to jump in our faces like a mad genie around mid-August, never to be put back into a bottle again. In recent days he’s made headlines for trashing Lizzo (told ya she’d be under attack while transiting Mars is in contact with her Venus), sporting a “White Lives Matter” shirt and spouting death threats that got him suspended from social media. Stephen Colbert explains it all for you, along with that big bridge bombing and Dr. Oz giving a speech in front of Adolf Hitler’s car — because current planetary patterns facilitate these crazy weird stories.
  • Also under a heavy Neptune influence (all angles): Jeb Bush, who caught my eye in a charmingly surreal article in The New Yorker. Seems writer Adam Dalva decided to start sending fairly intimate emails to Bush, asking him for advice. Persistence paid off, and eventually Bush responded. With transiting Mars also activating Bush’s horoscope, we see the potential for him to be feeling attacked and/or take a courageous stand. This week, he “fired back” at TFG’s deranged (Neptune) claim that  George H.W. Bush “took millions and millions of documents to a former bowling alley pieced together with what was then an old and broken Chinese restaurant.”

Isn’t it helpful to know something about astrology so we can appreciate the logic of all these weird headlines? Think Jeb Bush has an astrologer to help him understand why this weirdness is happening to him now?

Here’s the 411 on personal consultations.

Have fun listening to the podcasts and videos!

Here’s that link to the Empowered Astrology Conference — October 22 – 23.

Thank you for reading this forecast.

The owl on the left is named Athene, and she lives on Marco Island, Florida.

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