Friday 10/14/2022 & the Weekend: Bonkers vs. Reality in the News, As Anticipated (It’s Not Just You)


There’s just too much going on in the news that is astonishingly in sync with planetary patterns. Gotta spend a few hours pulling it together for your enjoyment.

First, here’s the weekend forecast:

  • FRIDAY: Venus trines Saturn at 2:20 AM ET. Moon in Gemini trines Saturn, Venus and the Sun at 1:32 PM ET, 2:51 PM ET and 7:23 PM ET, respectively. Have a nice day — but note the possibly wiggy outburst in the evening, as Moon squares Neptune at 10:45 AM ET and then meets up with warrior Mars at 12:10 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY. Chill during the 12-hour Moon void. CHILL! At 12:10 PM ET, Moon enters Cancer, driving the weekend with a focus on emotional, family and homeland security – whatever you need to feel nourished and enjoy the comforts of home. Do so with wild abandon around 2:43 PM ET, as Moon squares Jupiter.
  • SUNDAY: The focus on home continues. Enjoy. Just note that the tension between Saturn and Uranus is still in effect all week and next.  Saturn refers to the old guard; Uranus refers to the avant garde – and as I have said: ultimately, Uranus – which represents the future – is going to win. But while these planets are in this stubborn holding pattern (as in two tectonic plates jammed together, with neither budging an inch), we will continue to see it reflected in logjams – including supply chains – and pundits whingeing that they can’t understand why certain contests are just too close to call. If only they knew something about mundane astrology…

No sleeping in on Monday. The Cancer Moon will not be void during most of normal business hours.

And now, the news.

Ermigawd, did the subject line for this week’s forecast say it all or what? A potentially wiggy week, with Mars square Neptune delusional bubbles demolished by the sobering, all-business trine between Sun-Venus and Saturn. Ohhhhh and the news was big big big in the judicial matters, as Mercury (thinking) opposed Jupiter (expansion; courts) at the Aries Point.

Here’s what happened:

  • Angela Lansbury passed away, I’m sorry to say. I’d argue her life represented the upside potential of this week’s planetary patterns. Her breakthrough role was as a maid in the movie Gaslight, in which a creepy husband tries to convince his wife that she’s losing her mind. Other notable film and TV credits include Beauty and the Beast, the Manchurian Candidate and Blithe Spirit — all with heavy Neptune themes. e.g., ghosts, conspiracies and fairy tales. Are we surprised to discover that double-Libra Miss Lansbury was born with Neptune conjunct her regal Leo Ascendant? No, we are not — and we see in her t-square among Mars, Pluto and Jupiter why she was perfectly cast the unflappable mystery novelist-turned-detective in Murder, She Wrote. Here is a lovely tribute to Miss Lansbury, penned by WaPo’s resident wit, Alexandra Petri. I have gifted this article to you.
  • Rainbow fentanyl. Sure, that sounds apt for Mars square Neptune, but the DEA isn’t convinced it’s a Halloween threat to your children. Reality check duly noted.
  • Planetary patterns are reflected in all forms of expression, not just the news. Greg Olear’s column — Prevail– was a spot on reflection of last Sunday’s Full Moon in Aries. Remember how we were advised to watch for people spinning yarns and reinventing the past? On Tuesday, Olear ripped Putin’s latest utterly delusional speech to shreds, aptly in sync with this week’s astrology, e.g. “He {Putin}  then spun a ridiculous revisionist history…”
  • Conspiracy theorist and arguably sadistic provocateur Alex Jones was ordered to pay close to a billion dollars for falsely claiming that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax and the genuinely grieving families of actual victims were crisis actors. as Heather Cox Richardson reports. Remember that Mars is in Gemini, where we expect that words and information may be weaponized — and haven’t we been seeing a ton of news about this and other defamation trials?
  • E. Jean Carroll persists, nevertheless, in her defamation suit against the former guy. A judge has ordered TFG to sit for a deposition on October 19th,
  • Heather Cox Richardson ended Wednesday’s Letter from an American with, “Tomorrow, in yet another example of the power of reality, the House Select Committee to Investigate the January 6th Attack on the U.S. Capitol will hold another public hearing at 1:00 Eastern time.” Remember what the chart for 1PM ET suggested:

It’s bound to attract attention if it starts precisely on time, as the 29 Sagittarius Ascendant is Rep. Liz Cheney’s attention-getting Sagittarius Moon. The challenge for the likely near-flawless presentation of evidence is that four planets: Saturn, Venus, Sun and Mars are aligning in a Grand Air Trine, suggesting (nothing surprising here, really) that the committee is preaching to the choir.

  • It was a near-flawless presentation, and it did preach to the choir. Heather Cox Richardson lays out the highlights, as does Stephen Colbert (in a two-part monologue!) But it was also another slam-dunk for reality as it laid out facts, more facts, and a few facts we hadn’t seen, such as 1) the Secret Service was aware — days in advance of January 6th — of the mob’s violent intentions; 2) TFG ordered U.S. troops out of Somalia and Afghanistan by January 15, 2021 for the express purpose of creating a mess for President Biden (military heavyweights were able to delay that order); 3) footage of Speaker Pelosi leading a bipartisan effort among her Congressional colleagues and VP Mike Pence to get national, state and local law enforcement to clear the Capitol so that 2020 election could be certified according to the protocols of our Constitution. Here is that footage of Pelosi, ICYMI — and aren’t we lucky we had a woman with a high-functioning Aries Sun and Moon in Scorpio in charge that day, supported by 18 planets in stability-preserving Taurus. Here’s another clip from January 6th, in which the Speaker keeps her cool, cares for Mike Pence and tears open a beef jerky with her teeth — all at the same time.
  • Here is a write-up of Pelosi’s horoscope — before we discovered a reported birth time. We now believe she has a Leo Ascendant, squared by Mars on the Midheaven — which squares TFG’s Mars, btw, so it’s no surprise that their relationship would have a pugilistic flair. This reported birth time has an 18 Scorpio Moon — currently opposed by Uranus and squared by Saturn — so she’s making news along with other well-known people with planets and angles around 18 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius (Barack Obama and Mike Pompeo, off the top of my head). I wish I’d looked at Pelosi’s horoscope before January 6th, because I would have immediately noticed transiting Mars activating her tough-as-nails Saturn-Pluto square on that fateful day.
  • At the end of yesterday’s hearing, the January 6th Committee voted to subpoena the former guy, who’s been having no end of no-good horrible days in court. Patterns in his horoscope are beginning to repeat a pattern they were in back in 2020, when an anguished battle was suggested. He fought like hell in 2020 — and lost. It’s reasonable to anticipate a similar result on this second round. I’m keeping an eye on mid-summer 2023 for a significant shoe to drop.

Reflecting the big money news potential of the week’s planetary patterns (not to mention Beth Owl’s Daughter’s luscious Tarot Card of the Week),

In other news…

Los Angeles is feeling the gridlocked potential of the partile Saturn-Uranus square. “…the city council’s work is at a standstill, leaving the citizens of Los Angeles without a fully functioning city government…” writes Vox, in an effort to explain the racist recording scandal that has led to the resignation of L.A. City Council President Nury Martinez and other council members. Utterly surreal — and a Pluto-turning-direct power grab that backfired.


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