Friday 6/2/2017 & the Weekend: Mars in the Spotlight


Moon continues in Virgo today, seeking to be correct and exact. A clash between the Moon and righteously authoritative Saturn in Sagittarius at 11:21 AM ET seeks to control an ambitious advance. The work week ends on another clash between the Moon and Mars at 5:48 PM ET. Both are at the very end of their respective signs (Virgo and Gemini) and also near the attention-getting Aries Point. Verbal sparring and physical aggression are likely to pull focus.

If you have a planet — and especially an angle — around 27-29 degrees of Virgo, Gemini, Sagittarius and Pisces, I urge you to take a deep breath and count to ten before going to DEFCON 5 over a perceived slight or other provocation. Go take a kickboxing class instead. If someone you know has made a mountain out of a molehill, my money says Mars has triggered their horoscope. My spies are reporting stories — and body counts — involving outrage this week.

I know, I know — I wrote on Monday that this week might end on a sweet note (looking ahead to tomorrow’s expansive and exuberant Sun-Jupiter trine). I wasn’t paying attention to Mars — nor was I giving enough weight to Venus being in Amazon Aries — and in an “I don’t need anything from you” Grand Trine earlier this week with Saturn and the North Node. True, Sunday’s challenge between the Gemini Sun and nebulous Neptune suggests a potential rose-colored spell. But it also could be simply delusional …drunk….or on serious meds.

The Moon will be void between 5:48 PM ET and 8:04 PM ET. Then it enters Libra, seeking harmony and balance in partnership. Such efforts are likely to be disrupted by an unconventional attraction or insight, given a meet-up between Venus and rebel Uranus on SATURDAY at 3:31 AM ET. Diplomatic efforts may seem to go well that day — but as they are under the influence of Sunday’s exact Sun-Neptune clash, things may not be as they seem. Focus your attention on matters that do not require concrete facts; let your imagination wander in a suitable creative form or other escape.

Also on Sunday: Mars leaves Gemini and enters Cancer. Look for prominent action related to home and homeland security — or general Mars matters such as iron and steel. Here’s a story that popped up an hour when Mars entered Cancer back in 2015 — about an axe thrown by a Fox & Friends host that missed its target and hit a West Point drummer instead. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Mars will be in Cancer until July 20th. You are more personally affected by transiting Mars entering Cancer if you are someone like — say — Barack Obama, who has his Venus at 1 degree of Cancer. Immediately we expect his social expression to be more active and prominent.

Meryl Streep is another person affected by Mars at the Aries Point. She has Sun and Uranus conjunct at the Aries Point in Cancer. So does her astrotwin Elizabeth Warren. Ted Cruz has his Capricorn Sun at the Aries Point. Do you think he might be acting out a bit over the next couple of days, given that Senator Al Franken’s new memoir contains an entire chapter about his colleague in the Senate, whom he describes as “a toxic co-worker…the guy who microwaves fish.”  I can’t imagine how unpleasant this must feel for Cruz, with his need to be seen as people-pleasing (suggested by his Libra Moon).

Did you know that people who are popular live longer? An apt reflection of yesterday’s harmony between Venus (social expression) in what’s in it for me Aries & Saturn (endurance; age) in Sagittarius (opinion; collective belief). Something to contemplate during the weekend’s Libra Moon. A catharsis or power play may be store on Sunday around 8:52 AM ET, when the Moon is challenged by Pluto. On MONDAY at 1:10 AM ET, the Moon is opposed by disruptive Uranus.

No sleeping in on Monday.

I have a ton of news to report, but must focus on consultation preparation at the moment. If you haven’t checked in with your astrologer in a year, you’re due for a visit. Here’s how to contact me.

Thank you for reading this forecast.


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