Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 3/6/2015 & The Weekend: Mars in the Hot Seat

Go with your organizational flow or chill and take a snow day (if you’re on the East Coast). The Virgo Moon continues to wander aimlessly until 7:52PM ET, when it will shift gears into Libra, sign of diplomacy and relationship. Express your appreciation accordingly.

Saturday is relatively quiet. There’s a constructive connection between Moon and Saturn  early in the morning that may aid your efforts to tackle chores and weekend shopping. The hours between oh – say — 8-ish PM ET and 6AM ET on Sunday may be feisty, combative or otherwise volatile, as Moon is rattled by face-offs to aggressive Mars and rebel Uranus, followed by a square to power-monger Pluto.

Another face-off between Venus in me-me-me Aries and the peace-keeping Libra Moon may try one’s patience around noon ET. How indulgent would you like to be? The weekend ends on a cooperative note between communicative Mercury and the Moon at 9:24PM ET. Just before that time would be fine to talk about whatever upsets you may have had with your partner during the past 24 hours. After 9:24PM ET the Moon will be void until 9:10AM ET on Monday — avoid making mountains out of molehills during the void. Chill instead, and get ready for another rollicking week.

If you have a planet or angle around 14 degrees — or days into — Aries, Cancer, Capricorn and Libra, you are feeling the buzz and drive of current planetary patterns most personally. You’re feeling the lift of potential expansion if you have a planet or point at 14 Aries, Leo or Sagittarius — really 14 degrees of any sign. If you do not know where your planets are, book a consultation or splurge on the $18 Astro Basics Report, so you can follow along with these forecasts. Such a deal!

Mars will pull focus in a big way next week, as it makes contact with Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto  — on Tuesday and Wednesday. Mars is in Aries, the sign it rules. It functions verrrrry well in Aries, where it is fearless and pioneering, for better or for worse. It is the crusader. It is the warrior. Mars in alignment with Jupiter favors expansive action. Mars with Uranus favors the reckless and the rash, along with the high-flying tech. Mars with Pluto is some powerful stuff — again, for better or for worse.

Startling revelations about Mars are making headlines right now — check out the big blue ocean scientists say once covered a big chunk of the Red Planet. Other cosmic news: the discovery that astronomers have been watching the same supernova explode over and over again — as Bill Murray’s character might have done in Groundhog Day (one of the best movies ever — a must-watch).

Mars with Uranus can refer to accidents, especially involving aviation. Already a Delta flight made headlines Thursday when it skidded on a runway at LaGuardia Airport and crashed into a fence. Harrison Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash in Venice, California. I don’t know about you, but I am not ready to lose another sci-fi icon just yet  — I don’t care how cosmic the planetary patterns are or how much action there is in his own personal horoscope. Hang in there, Mr. Ford!

Also startling: a “this just in” headline blaming a “rogue” pilot for the disappearance of MH370 almost a year ago — on March 8th.  To be precise, it is being presented as “the most plausible” theory by some. Of course I immediately pulled out the horoscope for the flight’s departure to see what transits were active in that chart. And yes, there are a few triggers that suggest potential action. And I can see in that horoscope why a “rogue pilot” is being talked about as “plausible”. Horoscopes live forever. Perhaps we will have more news on this story around March 12th…or on March 17-18th.

Mars refers to the masculine. In a ground-breaking month, we can thus all appreciate a ground-breaking study revealing for once and for all, the average penis size.  But watch where you point that thing — at least in Hamburg, Germany — which has devised a novel way to deter a certain public nuisance. I see this week’s empowered contacts among Venus, Uranus and Pluto in that last item, too….

…and speaking of an empowered Venus…did you know that in the language of astrology, Venus refers to kidneys? As I type, there’s a “rare, six-way kidney transplant” going on now in San Francisco. And though it did not make the NYT or any other major media outlet, on Wednesday afternoon, Wellesley College (my alma mater) issued a press release “reaffirming its mission dedicated to the education of women“. What timing.

Finally, reflecting another pattern humming in the background that I have not mentioned in a while. With “get real” Saturn in “collective beliefs” Sagittarius challenging intangible Neptune in “have faith” Pisces, it’s nice to see the paper of record publishing a serious piece called “When Things Happen You Can’t Explain.”  Much nicer than reading about how some states are pushing for legislation that would make “religious beliefs” a legal justification for denying services to gay people…but you knew they would make that effort, with Saturn (law) in Sagittarius (religion).

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