Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 5/4/2011

I could write about the alleged horoscope of Osama Bin Laden or Rick Santorum revving up his 2012 presidential campaign, but I’ve opted for neither. Nothing to report until Moon enters Gemini at 1:09PM EST. If you’re still recovering from the 24/7 cable news binge that began late Sunday night, you can get away (again) with sleeping in late and taking your time getting in gear. During yesterday’s Moon void (still void as I type), I heard reports of one friend rushing to get to a class that meets every other week, only to discover that — oops — it was meeting NEXT week, not this. Moon voids can feel like mini-Mercury retrogrades. Try to remember to double check the details.

Use the communicative energy of the day to reach out to the network of people you’ll need to put your New Moon agenda in motion. Indulge your inner visionary with an inspirational pitch. Tomorrow you can work on making it real.

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