Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 3/2/2011: John Galliano

No major aspects today, save an efficient connection between Moon in Aquarius and Saturn. That should keep you focused and on track. We are in the dark side of the Moon — nearing the end of the lunar cycle; the New Moon in Pisces kicks in on Friday. Think about wrapping up projects you began at the start of last month’s New Moon in Aquarius.

Meanwhile, a reader asked for an astrological take on John Galliano, the brilliant fashion designer whose career at Dior abruptly ended when a video of him hurling verbal slings and arrows at patrons in a local bar hit the internet. Natalie Portman and others were not amused

Galliano was born November 28, 1960 in Gibraltar, birth time unknown. His Sun is in Sagittarius, a sign known for frank, honest expression, as well as being a chronic sufferer of foot-in-mouth disease. Add to this Moon in Aries, a sign known for falling down stairs because it’s faster than walking, and you’ve got quite an impulsive combination. I don’t have an exact birth time, but I suspect that impulsive Aries Moon is challenged — either by expansive (sometimes grandiose, as in Charlie Sheen) Jupiter, or by aggressive Mars. What’s interesting in Galliano’s horoscope is the suggestion of aggression that was suppressed and/or frustrated, especially in the early home. There is a severe tightness of emotional expression here, and it seems to work in contrast to the otherwise expansive, impulsive nature of the Sun in Sagittarius and the Aries Moon. This would be one theme of discussion in a consultation.

Given this horoscope, I’m not surprised to read of Gallianos’s outbursts under the influence of alcohol; so much is likely kept under wraps during “normal business hours” for the sake of propriety.  As for why this outburst made the headlines now, I suspect either ruthless Pluto or erratic Uranus currently making an explosive contact with Galliano’s Aries Moon, in addition to expansive Jupiter. Interesting to note a few similarities between this horoscope and Charlie Sheen’s.

Meanwhile, only two more days before I head for Los Angeles, where I will be until March 14th. If you or anyone else you know would like to schedule an appointment for a personal consultation, please let me know. I would be delighted to be of service!

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