Astro-logical Forecast for Wednesday 12/15/2010

Moon is still in me-me-me Aries this AM…with the only exact aspect being a potential downer of a confrontation between our desire to do whatever we want and some Other smacking us in the face with a wet blanket. Feh! The Moon is waxing, along with an intensity of enthusiasm and emotion. Be alert!

Reports from the field suggest that the charged connections among Mars (action), Pluto (ruthless power), Mercury (mind, words) and Moon (feelings) yesterday manifested as anticipated. I heard plenty of stories of tempers flaring, brutally honest truths uttered, irritability and an overwhelming focus on the needs of oneself to exclusion of consideration for all others. We saw in the headlines news of shootings (out West), fatal storms (Canada), a possible serial killer in New York and all kinds of power battles over control of the media (calls for censorship, etc.), as a result of continued fallout over Wikileaks and Julian Assange (or perhaps we should say, “over the embarrassment of fearless leaders being caught looking like — (fill in the blank)” I expect more of the same today.

So. Did anything GOOD happen? Of course! The energy symbolized by planetary patterns can be expressed either for good or not so good. WE decide. WE choose. If energy is being suppressed, however, chances are stronger that the energy will get backed up and then explode in not so pleasant ways. A serial killer, for example, must have a LOT of suppressed energy…or so I’m thinking. Yes? That guy/gal…and a lot of other people…right?

Mars and Pluto, when combined, can have an intensely sexual charge. No surprise then, to note that yesterday it was announced that a patient has been cured of AIDS, a sexually-transmitted disease And that’s pretty darn positive! So if you got down with your significant other…or just worked it all out at the gym…or if you kept focused on a creative project you hope will change the world, then you’re turning what many see as a worrisome combination into something productive. Use your awareness to CHANGE YOUR BEHAVIOR. That’s what you CAN control!

Reminder: people born with planets in the early degrees/days of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn are ESPECIALLY sensitive right now. Give them space and a break…lest they break something around them. Hmmm. I’ve got two planets and my rising sign in that zone of the zodiac. Maybe that’s why I’ve been using SO MANY CAPS in this forecast! : )

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