Astro-logical Forecast for Monday 11/29/2010

Daily readers of this forecast may recall that in my post about the New Moon on November 6th, I noted that three planets: Mars (action!), Saturn (control) and Pluto (transformation, perspective, underground, exposure), were not connected to any other planets in the New Moon chart, suggesting that whatever was associated with those planets would be “running wild” during this cycle, and that we would see this reflected in the headlines. Mars  and Saturn did hook up during the middle of the month, but Pluto has continued to “run wild” and will continue to be wild until tomorrow.

So. What have we seen in the headlines that reflects the ruthless, corruption-exposing, potentially explosive, often power-mad, underground rumblings of Pluto running wild? A sampling over the past three weeks includes: Miners killed in New Zealand, concerns about the safety of dental X-rays raised here in the US, a deadly stampede in Cambodia, the recent deadly conflict between North and South Korea, the new TSA security measures involving X-rays and invasive pat-downs (of body areas ruled by Pluto), and to top it all off, the latest Wikileaks exposure of diplomatic machinations that hit the wires yesterday. Coincidence or conspiracy?

Today we can expect another wave of information overload and big ideas generated by a dynamic connection between action-oriented Mars in opinionated Sagittarius and expansive Jupiter in all-encompassing Pisces. Got a feeling you wanna get off your chest? You’ve got until 7:35PM NY time to find a people-pleasing way to express it; Venus, which relates to our social expression, moves forward into Scorpio for over a month-long stay, starting this evening. Remember the Venus in Scorpio mantra, “If I be waspish, best beware my sting.” OK, perhaps I’m exaggerating just a bit, but that’s right in line with today’s aforementioned connection between Mars and Jupiter. ; )

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