Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/13/2014: Big Fat Everything

Moon continues in sunny, playful and/or royal pain Leo today, seeking love and to shine, shine, shine. Your creative streak may get an extra dose of innovation, courtesy of a easy connection from unconventional Uranus at 4:03PM ET.

Boundaries are likely to be pushed, for better or for worse, as Sun in extremist Scorpio is challenged by expansive/expensive Jupiter, also in Leo (like today’s Moon). Still, if you have a planet or angle around 21 degrees of just about any sign (but especially Leo), a few lottery tickets  — with the operative words being “a few” — could be a fun bet.

Sun-Jupiter aspects are a perfect set up for an “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” scenario. The temptation is to over-indulge. You have now been advised.

In other news, the results are in regarding voter turnout in last week’s election. Maine had the highest percentage: 59%. That’s wicked good, compared to the rest of the country.  Look here to see how your state did. Overall the turnout was the worst it has been in 72 years — something to consider if you ever have a chance to wonder how a man who in 2012 published a book decrying global warming as “the greatest hoax” ever got to be Chairman of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee. “It’s like Harry Potter for people who thought Harry Potter had too much science in it,” said Stephen Colbert of Jim Inhofe’s opus.

Senator Inhofe (11/17/1934 in Des Moines, IA) is a Scorpio with Moon in Aries, a formidable combination. Four planets in Scorpio are on a mission, and the Aries Moon easily champions the impossible. Other patterns suggest a Puritan work ethic (Sun square Saturn, like the horoscope of the United States), idealism and no small amount of pixie dust. That pixie dust easily convinced a majority of the 29% percent of eligible voters who actually voted in Oklahoma last week to send Senator Inhofe back to Washington.

In case you’re wondering how the senator reacted to yesterday’s “breakthrough” accord between the U.S. and China on carbon reduction, here it is.   And here is the video of Stephen Colbert’s commentary, in case you missed that, too.

Menwhile, I’m still looking for a projector, if you have one you’d like to exchange for astrological consultation(s)….

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