Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 9/26 & The Weekend: Moon in Scorpio;Mercury Retrograde Alert


The Moon is Scorpio until 6:50PM ET on Sunday, seeking knowledge to fulfill its need for power and control. Right now I’m fulfilling that need in the latest edition of “This American Life,” which I’m listening to as I type. Have you ever heard of Carmen Segarra? She was a regulator at the NY Fed who was assigned to work at Goldman Sachs. She was so concerned about what she witnessed on the job that she began secretly recording what she heard — 46 hours’ worth. What concerned her was the Fed’s alleged reluctance to stand up to the banks (in this case, Goldman) it is supposed to supervise.  She was fired; lawsuits are in process, but the release of the tapes is a surprise. Here’s another article on the story; read or listen to the broadcast and decide for yourself if this is another example of corruption in hallowed institutions exposed, a potential suggested by the never-ending rebel Uranus in crusading Aries challenging Pluto (power) in Capricorn (the Establishment).

Planetary patterns are relatively light over the weekend, save for mental Mercury’s brief shift into Scorpio at 6:39PM ET on Saturday. I say brief because the planet of communication and computer crashes will be turning retrograde on Saturday, October 4th and re-enter Libra on October 10th.  BACK  UP YOUR COMPUTERS NOW. Until the 10th, the mindset of Mercury in Scorpio suggests a need to think with depth and substance…and perhaps a bit of secrecy and paranoia, too. To further fuel a potential need to dig up dirt, here’s another expose published today, this one from Rolling Stone about the Koch Brothers and how they made their fortune.

The only Moon void to deter your shopping impulses this weekend is on Sunday between 4:31PM and 6:50PM ET. After that, Moon soars into high-flying Sagittarius, lifting spirits and seeking to broaden horizons. No sleeping in on Monday; there will be much to accomplish before the Moon goes void on Monday night at 11:29pm ET, not to enter the next sign, Capricorn, until 12:41AM ET on Wednesday.

Other news of note:

With the first of Jupiter’s cosmic trines to Uranus yesterday happening in the fire signs of Leo and Aries, it’s interesting to read that four fireballs (i.e., meteors) were spotted in the skies over the United States. Coincidence or conspiracy? Fire in an air traffic control tower disrupted flights this morning (during the Moon void), as you would know if you were scheduled to fly in or out of airports in Chicago. Arson is suspected, and I can’t help but notice an erratic, obsessive-compulsive connection today between mental Mercury (transportation) and disruptive Uranus.

Speaking of erratic, Jupiter-Uranus aspects also refer to speculation and gambling, including the stock markets. And markets have been swinging a bit in the last 24 hours…and one stock in particular has surged thanks to the unexpected jump of Bill “the Bond King” Gross from PIMCO, a company he “helped build from scratch,” to Janus. Rumor has it that some were concerned that his recent behavior seemed erratic — or at least eccentric — and that had he not jumped today, he would have been asked to leave soon thereafter. We don’t have an exact birth time for Mr. Gross, and time does not permit an in-depth discussion of possible patterns in his horoscope that would reflect this life event.

Last, but not least, in honor of the Moon in secretive Scorpio, some Important Safety Tips about privacy settings of pictures and videos you might post on social media sites. The writer is a mom who posted a video on YouTube of her adorable daughter talking about equality. Someone stole it, and it went viral. Here’s what the mother learned.

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