Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 5/24/2013: Looney Tunes

In case you hadn’t noticed, the intense Scorpio Moon is void of course, suggesting twists in your efforts to move forward in a straight line. It’s 12:34PM in New York — and already my day has been filled with unexpected turns — though mostly of a benign and bemusing kind. Go with the flow!

Moon enters rambling, gamboling Sagittarius at 5:49PM ET, lifting spirits and increasing urges to get out of town or otherwise expand our horizons. That, and telling everyone exactly what we think about everything, even if what we think — or believe — is not entirely clear. Emotional intensity continues to run high, courtesy of tonight’s Full Moon/Eclipse — at 5 degrees of Sag, around 12:30 AM ET.  There’s a loopy, pixie-dust vibe going on all through the weekend, as nebulous Neptune will be pulling focus — and is a key influence in the pattern of the Full Moon. Anyone who has a planet between 4 and 12 degrees of any sign is affected…which is pretty much the Entire Free World. Ground yourself by eating potatoes, suggests an old wives’ tale…and how fortuitous for me that potato chowder is on the menu in the office cafeteria.

Moon is in Sag on Saturday — not void –you’re free to shop. Moon will be void on Sunday –no shopping, please —  will fill you in on the rest, later…

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