Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 1/21/2011 and the Weekend

East Coasters, ship it before 2PM today if there’s something you need to get off your desk. Of course you may not be at your desk today, if that snowstorm really does happen. West Coast folks may notice a bit of a dreamy vibe between 11AM and 3PM —  (other time zones, please do the math) — thanks to a Moon void augmented by nebulous Neptune. Good time for chilling, resting, doodling, taking care of routine matters; not a good time for impulse shopping. Trust me, you don’t really need it.  Moon enters Virgo at 6:10PM NY time and challenges us to focus on making things right. Got some housekeeping or organizing chores to do over the weekend? A project that requires a critical, discerning approach? Need to make something “perfect”?

Saturday the big news is Jupiter’s ingress (“ingress” is a fancy astrology term that means “entry”) into the sign of Aries, where it hasn’t been in 12 years. Jupiter represents the potential for expansion and reward — you’ve heard me quip that it’s “the cosmic sugar daddy”.  With Jupiter in Aries, Rams around the world can rejoice! Opportunities for expansion and reward are favored for you especially over the next five months — what happened for you 12 years ago, hmmm? For the rest of us, we are likely to witness or experience for expansion in areas ruled by Aries. On the plus side: courage, pioneering spirit, initiation and a lot of “firsts”. Therein lies the potential for reward.

Sunday, a Moon void between 3:08 – 6:59PM NY time suggests avoiding the malls. Keep your grounding cords down around that time as well: there may be more than one surprise in store thanks to an electric connection between erratic Uranus and the Moon.  After the void, Moon enters people-pleasing Libra — not a bad night for spending time with a partner or inviting friends over for Sunday dinner, especially if social graces and stimulating conversation suit your fancy.

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