Astro-logical Forecast for Friday 11/4/2011 and the Weekend: Go With the Flow

Moon enters dreamy Pisces at 3:18AM ET. Sensitive types may wince at the potentially buffoonish communiques we may witness in the early morning hours, as the emotional Moon collides with Mercury (mind) and Venus (social expression) in rowdy, opinionated Sagittarius. Move through it and see if you can glide effortlessly throughout  the rest of the day. As was suggested yesterday, do your due diligence on things that seem too good to be true, and enjoy the bliss of obvious escapes (film, music, spirit, healing, peace, love and granola)

If you’ve been dying for a break after a busy week, Saturday through 2PM ET Sunday is your time to chill. Moon goes void at 4:05AM ET Saturday. Sleep in and go with the flow, but try to resist indulging yourself in big impulse purchases during the void, unless you feel like testing the astrological rule for yourself. And frankly, it’s not a bad idea to test the rules every now and then. How else will you learn if not through your own experience? For those just tuning in, the astrological rule on Moon voids is that actions initiated often prove to be of no consequence. Therefore, that nifty pair of shoes you bought — even if they were on sale — often has a strange way of being of little use. More on voids is posted in the ESSAYS AND SUCH section of my website.

Sunday at 2:02PM ET, Moon enters the fiery, headstrong sign of Aries and hooks up with rebel Uranus at 4:15PM ET. A shock, a flash of insight or some other jolt is likely. Watch out for the weirdos, especially the ones thinking only of themselves…

And speaking of things not being what they seem or just too good to be true, keep an eye on this developing story:

Meanwhile, here’s my favorite innovation seen in yesterday’s headlines, as anticipated in yesterday’s forecast:  check out Slide #19

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