Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 11/3/2011: From the Sublime to the Ridiculous

This could be a great day for innovation of all kinds. It’s a great day for laughs, too! Moon continues thru the sign of Aquarius, ruling scientists, including mad ones, and other creatively wacky, genius types. Mercury and Venus, now both in an idealistic embrace (as of 12:54PM ET yesterday) in “sky’s the limit” Sagittarius are making a easy connection to rebel Uranus, which happens to rule Aquarius. Seriously take note of what flashes of insight occur to you today and tomorrow. A practical connection between Moon and disciplined Saturn at 1:06PM ET can help ground your inspiration in reality (a practical joke?)… with one caveat….and that would be nebulous Neptune.

For the past couple of days we’ve seen — especially in the headlines — Neptune challenging minds and communication (Mercury), and desires for love, beauty, art and money (Venus) — see forecasts for the rest of the week for a few examples. But wait — there’s more! Neptune challenges Mars, planet of action on Monday morning — but the influence is now in effect and getting stronger. Issues of (blind) faith, great charisma (upside), razzle-dazzle and snake oil (downside), glamor, magnetism, fantasy and other intangibles will likely pull focus. Enjoy the glorious ride with a grain of salt or your favorite Hollywood escape. It might be real; then again, it might not.

Moon goes void tonight at 11:41PM ET and enters soulful Pisces at 3:19AM Friday.West Coasters, take note.

Back to Herman Cain, as promised yesterday, for those wondering what planetary patterns are up for him right now, with all these allegations and denials and stuff of tabloid magazines. Did I mention Neptune also refers to scandal? Cain was born December 13, 1945 in Memphis TN — time unknown. He is a Sagittarius with Moon in me-me-me Aries and has the same idealistic, opinionated hook-up between Mercury and Venus we’ve got going on today. He NEEDS to tell the world what he thinks, with his own particular idealistic spin. Other patterns suggest a strong need for independence and the unusual in relationships, along with a likely defense mechanism that insists on self-sufficiency. There’s a militancy suggested here — stemming from an experience of harshness for (I suspect), a sensitive soul. Faith — real and unreal — likely play a huge part in his life.

Right now, he has transits that suggest:   1) “Criticism with a passion; knowing just what’s wrong with the world; big arguments (this has been going on for a year; 2) “dreaminess about love potential; overindulgences of all kinds for ego gratification or defense;self-deception” (going on for some months, but exact Nov 17); and finally, exact on Nov 25, “powerful sex drive; the conquest”.  And there you have it.



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