Astro-logical Forecast for 2/22/2012: DSK Returns, Right on Schedule

Depths of thought and feeling may flood your mind and senses this morning, carried away by communicative connections among Moon, perspicacious Pluto and mental Mercury. Remember to get it off your desk today — as the Moon will be void tonight from 9:24PM ET to 9:48PM ET Thursday.

Meanwhile, how about that Dow hitting 13,000 yesterday? Real or unreal? Does it matter? And what else would we expect with transiting Sun, Moon and Neptune harmoniously aligned with lovely Venus (money, art, beauty) in the horoscope of the United States (and Barack Obama, btw)? Simply soaring!

In other news, events in the life of Dominique Strauss-Kahn continue to unfold with impeccable timing. As you may have heard, he was detained by French police yesterday — in connection with an investigation involving prostitution and orgies, concluding part of a cycle that began last May, when DSK was arrested on charges of sexually assaulting a New York chambermaid. DSK’s initial arrest occurred as transiting Uranus connected with DSK’s Moon in me-me-me Aries. His Moon rules his 12th house of “self-undoing” and things we tend to sweep under a rug. Uranus has an interesting way of suddenly illuminating things some might prefer to keep hidden, disrupting the status quo. And right now, on the heels of this second arrest, Uranus is making its third hit to DSK’s Moon.

Also of note in DSK’s horoscope (which was covered in detail back in May of 2011 — search the archives): ruthless Pluto just made its first connection with DSK Midheaven, which suggests the beginning of a year-long cycle of major life changes in profession, family status and perspective. DSK’s wife, Anne Sinclair, is reportedly resuming her career in journalism. To be continued…

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