Astro-logical Forecast for Tuesday 7/7/2015: Hot Horoscopes

Good Morning!

The adaptable Pisces Moon goes void for two hours at 10:36AM ET. Flakes, twists or other dreamy delays in your efforts to move forward in a straight line are more likely than usual. Once the Moon enters me-me-me Aries at 12:37pm ET, watch for a intensified focus and a quickened pace. Efforts made to lead and inspire are favored, with no planetary speed bumps. The bumps are more likely tomorrow, as the Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto and Uranus. I’m telling you this so if you do hit a bump tomorrow, you can take it in stride. Knowledge is power!

And now, the news.

First, updates on a few horoscopes we’ve been following for a while. Exhibit A: Bill Cosby. I noted at the end of last year the potential for a change of status as transiting Uranus makes contact with key planets and angles in his horoscope. Delighted to report that as anticipated, a sudden flash of insight has occurred, in the form of a 2005 deposition unsealed at the request of the Associated Press. In the deposition, Mr. Cosby admitted that he had acquired drugs so he could get women who were not his wife to have sex with him. Transiting Uranus is not done with Mr. Cosby’s horoscope yet….and transformational Pluto is waiting in the wings. How was the Associated Press able to have those court documents unsealed? That is a good story….

Exhibit B: Dick Cheney. At the end of last year when transiting Saturn opposed his Midheaven (a major “clean up your house” opportunity), a NYT editorial called for the prosecution of “torturers and their bosses”.  As you can see in the prior link, I expected to hear more on that story right about now, as Saturn gets  close to another exact opposition.  Last month I neglected to mention that a trove of Mr. Cheney’s personal papers were released. Yesterday a former judge at the International Criminal Court said he thought Mr. Cheney (along with some CIA agents) should and would face charges. Isn’t that interesting? Alas, Saturn will not make another exact opposition to his Midheaven, but in mid-October it will make a third challenge to his Virgo Ascendant. Let’s see what happens.

Here is Mr. Cheney’s horoscope. A Jupiter-Saturn conjunction in Taurus is a mighty force for preserving the status quo, and a Grand Trine among Venus, Neptune and Uranus suggests (as I learned from astrologer Noel Tyl), being “a law unto himself”.  Hmmm…Mr. Cosby has a Grand Trine, too. Interesting that both Mr. Cheney and Mr. Cosby also have nebulous Neptune in a challenging connection with their Moons. That’s a red flag for potential pixie-dust and fog obfuscating agendas.

In other news, Edward Snowden. Over the weekend his Midheaven was opposed by Jupiter, the cosmic sugar daddy. Whereas Saturn structures and controls, Jupiter expands. Yesterday former Attorney General Eric Holder held out the possibility that a deal could be struck, thus allowing Mr. Snowden to return home to the U.S. Of course, Mr. Holder is no longer Attorney General, so…like…what does it matter? But in Mr. Snowden’s horoscope, we might watch for significant advances next January, June and October. We might also note the potential for a bewildering change of scene starting in January of 2017.

Meanwhile, South Carolina. In the adaptable flow of yesterday’s Pisces Moon, the state Senate voted a 37-3 to remove the Confederate flag from Capitol grounds. Just like that. Quantum shift in consciousness. We’ll see if the South Carolina House of Representatives is similarly inclined. Will the “debate” be as jaw-dropping as the arguments presented yesterday by one of one of the three state senators who opposed the landmark bill?

Yesterday’s Sun-Pluto opposition suggested power plays making headlines.  How about this: “China and Russia: the new superpower axis?”. Or this sobering article which begins:

Sixty-six percent of states that elect prosecutors have no blacks in those offices, a new study has found, highlighting the lack of diversity in the ranks of those entrusted to bring criminal charges and negotiate prison sentences….

…as the harsh reality check of Pluto to Saturn in the U.S. horoscope forces awareness of prejudice and inequality in country idealistically launched on a platform of “liberty and justice for all”.

Heavy news day. Ending on a lighter note — but on a “power play” theme. Picture, if you will, Donald Trump engaging in  a battle of wits with a sitcom writer on Twitter. I shudder to think how Mr. Trump will be making headlines when Venus goes retrograde on July 25th and social decorum formally goes out the window…