Astro-logical Forecast for Thursday 7/16/2015: Shine On, Leo Moon!

East Coasters, your day starts with an easy flow between stabilizing Saturn and the intuitive Cancer Moon at 7:24AM ET.  It launches a brief Moon void (yes, there really IS one this morning) for a few hours, until 10:15AM ET. From then on, Moon will be in sunny Leo, cruising with no contact from other planets until early SATURDAY morning. Then it does make contact with a planet before going void. This does not happen very often. In fact, I can’t remember if it’s ever happened since I started writing this forecast over six years ago.

What are we do to with all this Leo lunar energy, flowing without static for almost 48 hours? How about what Leo does best: shine, shine, shine — love, love, love — play, play, play. Which doesn’t mean take the day off…but perhaps incorporate this heart-centered energy into every facet of your routine: work, relationships – and yes, play. Weren’t we just talking about the heart in yesterday’s New Moon forecast? Yes, indeed. Here’s another perspective on the potential of this New Moon and the seeds we can plant now, courtesy of the lovely and talented Tarot diva, Beth Owlsdaughter.

There’s no lack of stimulation to inspire your creativity, as mental Mercury is still buzzing from its encounter with Mars and Pluto yesterday. On Saturday, it buzzes even more when it connects with innovative Uranus — but we’re feeling the build-up now. Genius or just plain nuts? Maybe a little of both.

The downside of Leo is the potential for drama queens and kings to seize the stage. However, many of them can be tamed by a wee bit of applause. OK, a lot of applause. That’s your secret weapon for managing anyone who was born with a Leo Moon.

Here’s a little exercise/meditation I learned from a most excellent teacher with Moon in Leo (many Leo Moons are shine in a classroom as well as on stage). Ready? OK. When was the last time you gave someone a compliment? Why not express appreciation at every opportunity over the next two days? If that’s feels like overkill for you, then try to give at least three compliments each day, especially if you are someone who does not hand them out like Kleenex at a funeral. Note how it feels, as well as the response. See how creative some people can be at deflecting your sincere admiration. Isn’t that interesting? What’s up with that?

And what about you? How well do you receive a compliment? Why do you think this is so? Extra bonus points for giving yourself a big compliment when you look in the mirror each morning. Go ahead, do it now.

What did you come up with? How did it make you feel?

You are awesome. Thank you for reading this forecast.