Thoughts on the 3rd Presidential Debate (because I said I would post some)

A few thoughts on the third debate, as promised. And “few” is indeed the operative word. After looking at the horoscopes involved, I don’t have much to say. Tonight’s event begins at 9PM ET in Boca Raton, FL and planetary patterns suggest another pugnacious start, courtesy of aggressive Mars making an opinionated challenge to the 9 Gemini Ascendant of the event horoscope. The Aquarius Moon suggests themes of social significance: freedom, humanitarianism, independence. Aquarius is detached, intellectual, scientific…and often on one stubborn fringe or another. The Moon is in the 9th house at the start of the event, immediately suggesting a focus on Big Picture ideas with an international reach — and isn’t that interesting that tonight’s focus is, in fact, foreign policy.

I have a theory (not a prediction) that we may be listening to a very grand vision around 9:22PM, which may keep the fact-checkers busy. I also have a theory that if Obama is speaking at around 10:23PM ET, it will be an excellent opportunity for him to make the audience feel secure about his ability to preserve homeland security. There may be a noticeable shift from intellectual ideas to strong feelings of patriotism, as the Gemini Ascendant will have just changed to Cancer.

Planetary patterns suggest a strong showing for both candidates, with Obama having the advantage. He is a much better position righthisveryminute to connect with women — and in fact, if only women were voting in this election, he would win by a very large margin.

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