Thoughts on a Full Moon in Aries

I was delighted to be invited by New Luminary Agency to offer thoughts on the Full Moon in Aries, exact on October 1st at 3:18 PM ET.  Planetary patterns suggested exceptional volatility:

“Events that seemed to be going one way may change course, as fire does when the wind suddenly shifts direction.”

That evening, political headlines in the U.S. were indeed volatile — stunningly so.

It was impossible to imagine how these audio tapes wouldn’t be playing non-stop through the weekend…and so much for the power of imagination. By 1 AM ET Friday, the tapes were blown off the media landscape by an announcement via Twitter that 45 and the First Lady had tested positive for Covid. On Saturday it was reported that Senator Mike Lee (R-UT), RNC Chair Ronna Romney McDaniel, Hope Hicks and the president of Notre Dame — who all attended the prior week’s mask-free Rose Garden nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to to SCOTUS — tested positive, too.

The wind suddenly shifted direction. Astrology is amazing. The full article in New Lum is here:

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