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Tuesday 12/21/2021: Late Sneak Peek at a Big Week; Winter Solstice; Saturn-Uranus Square; Venus-Pluto Again

Happy holidaze — and here we go with another wild week. Highlights include:

  • The Winter Solstice on Tuesday, as the Sun enters Capricorn;
  • The last of three squares between Saturn and Uranus, exact on Friday — Christmas Eve. This rare square represents much of the tension we’ve seen all year between the old guard and the avant-garde, as well as disruptions and logjams in the flow of material goods;
  • The second of three conjunctions between Venus (now retrograde) and Pluto in Capricorn, reflecting extremes of emotional catharses, breakdowns, and power plays in matters of money, values, worth, aesthetics, and women. Outside of your own personal world, we see this pattern playing out in government and corporate entities, and social status.


  • MONDAY: The Moon in Cancer drives the day with a focus on emotional, family, and homeland security. Innovative thinking with a technological spin comes courtesy of a trine (easy flow) between Mercury (how we need to think) and Uranus (technology & innovation). The evening ends on a dreamy note, as the Moon trines Neptune. I’m playing sentimental Christmas carols as I type (yes, I started writing this on Monday).
  • TUESDAY: A power play or catharsis in the morning, as Moon makes its weekly clash with Pluto at 8:09 AM ET, followed by a face-off between the Moon and Venus at 9:43 AM ET. The Cancer Moon then goes void for the next seven hours. That’s your cue to roll with any twists and flakes that may disrupt efforts to move forward in a straight line. Chill over crises, as they may sort themselves out easily once the Moon engages the clutch and shifts into the next sign — Leo — at 4:53 PM ET. But before Leo takes over, the Sun demands our focus as it leaves Sagittarius for Capricorn at 10:59 AM ET. Happy Winter Solstice to Avid Readers in the Northern Hemisphere! Happy solar return — soon — to all the fabulous Capricorns!!

In the Northern Hemisphere, days will be getting longer and nights will be getting shorter. If you live south of the equator, you are celebrating the first day of summer.  In any case, with Capricorn, we move from big-picture thinking (Sagittarius) to practical application. What will we build that will materially define our collective philosophy? Think corporations, governments, and maybe The Junior League. Think status and ambition.

Here’s what you need to know about the first day of any season  — i.e., equinoxes and solstices — from an astrological point of view. The first days of Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter correspond with the first days (or first degree) of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, respectively. Got that? Good. These four signs are called cardinal signs. Cardinal signs initiate. They come up with the idea and put it into action, which leads to necessary change.

“Cardinal” suggests (from the Latin root of the word), “that on which something turns or depends.”  So the first day/degree of a Cardinal sign is a turning point. In astrology, the technical term for the first degree of any Cardinal sign is the Aries Point, just to confuse people who are not professional astrologers.

Equinoxes and solstices are also prominent. We make a fuss over them, right? In Japan, the first day of each season is  a national holiday. How cool is that? Thus, in a horoscope, a planet or angle at the Aries Point needs to be prominent. Off the top of my head, people with planets or angles at the Aries Point include Meryl Streep, Elizabeth Warren, Ted Cruz, Barack Obama, and William Shatner.

A chart for a new season suggests a game plan for the next three months. Here is the Winter Solstice chart set in Washington DC:


  • The Ascendant of this chart is 2 Pisces. It’s early in that sign, suggesting that things are not set in stone; there is much free will at play.
  • The Sabian Symbol for this early Pisces Ascendant is the same one we had in May, when Jupiter turned retrograde:  “a petrified forest.” A petrified forest suggests — on the plus side —  near-eternal principles that stand the test of time.  A forest of formerly living trees turned to stone hasn’t decayed or rotted, presumably because it deserves to last forever.  On the downside, this Sabian Symbol suggests stiff, rigid forms that have long outlived their relevance — but remain because they are frozen  — perhaps out of fear (petrified).
  • The ruler of the chart is Jupiter in Aquarius and it is conjunct the Ascendant.  Jupiter is at 28 Aquarius — near the end of the sign and thus about to change. When Jupiter enters Pisces, its condition will improve.
  • Having written about her horoscope more than once in recent years, it’s hard not to see that Jupiter at 28 Aquarius is right on Kamala Harris’ natal Saturn, and that 2 Pisces is her Midheaven (the MC is a very important marker in matters of career and public status). To me this suggests that the next three months are likely to somehow expand the VP’s authority and responsibilities. Jupiter will be conjunct her MC on January 9th. At the end of February and early March, Harris’ horoscope will be further supercharged when transiting Pluto squares her Libra Sun and Aries Moon for the first of three hits. Pluto made a similar connection in 1982 and 1983, when it was at the end of Libra.
  • The Moon in the Solstice chart is in Cancer and in the 6th house. We may anticipate that a prime focus for the U.S. over the next three months will be on matters of home, homeland, family and emotional security — especially with respect to employment conditions, diet and health concerns — e.g., Covid.
  • The closest aspect — and arguably the most powerful — is the square between Saturn and Uranus. Saturn is in the 12th house — hospitals, prisons, the self-undoing, hidden enemies. Uranus is in the 2nd house — money, values, worth. The logjam between the old guard and the avant-garde is about to be released, with disruption — for better or for worse — experienced in those 12th and 2nd house arenas.
  • Another dominant pattern is the conjunction of Venus and Pluto in Capricorn. That won’t be in the rear view mirror until early March, when Venus finally enters Aquarius. Note that Venus and Pluto are on the cusp (borderline) of the 12th house — so here is yet another statement in this Solstice chart of a focus on breakdown, transformation and empowerment in matters of money and values. There’s more, but you get the idea.

Right. So. Then what happens?

  • TUESDAY (cont.): Moon enters Leo at 4:53 PM ET, looking for ways to shine! That may mean coming up with a creative alternative for festivities that have been canceled by Covid. You can do it! A Leo Moon has a regal air, so be on the lookout for drama queens and kings issuing edicts.
  • WEDNESDAY: A harmony between the Leo Moon and Mars in Sagittarius at 5:24 AM ET may inspire an invigorating start to the day. The afternoon offers us a sneak peek of Friday’s Saturn-Uranus square, as the Moon squares Saturn at 2:28 PM ET and then opposes Uranus at 2:49 PM ET. A roadblock or authoritative advance — quickly followed by a rebellious pushback? We’ll see.
  • THURSDAY: There are no exact aspects among the planets today. Moon in Leo is still driving the action — and building up to an exuberant or excessive release shortly after midnight. It’s also possible that the day may feel longer than usual, as the Moon wanders through the day without the focus and drive it gets when it makes contact with the other kids in the cosmic sandbox.
  • FRIDAY: Moon opposes Jupiter at 1:39 AM ET. Did you make good use of your credit card on last-minute gifts the day before? Moon goes void until 3:24 AM ET, and then enters Virgo to put Leo’s party back in order. Meanwhile — during the brief Moon void — the Saturn-Uranus square is exact –at 2:17 AM ET. During the last two Saturn-Uranus squares, we were reading about stock market manipulations by rogue traders (think GameStop and AMC), as well as the collapse of the Texas power grid during a freak winter storm. How will our usually reliable networks be disrupted this time? One story I’m tracking is this: “The Log4j security flaw could impact the entire internet. Here’s what you need to know.” 
  • FRIDAY: The Virgo Moon trines the Capricorn Sun at 9:04 AM ET, which facilitates an easy flow of energy. A Moon-Mars square at 6:52 PM ET suggests boundary-pushing action….with an innovative and inclusive resolution suggested by the Moon-Uranus trine at 12:24 AM ET on…
  • SATURDAY. Christmas Day dawns with the second of three Venus-Pluto meet-ups. There may be an extreme need to slash and burn in social expression and values. Venus-Pluto contacts suggest stormy weather, including emotional storms and “witchy-bitchy” women. Your coping strategy — especially with Venus retrograde — is to count to ten before lashing out. Even though you may want to cut straight to the heart of something you recognize you can no longer tolerate, try to remember a few social graces, e.g., “please” and “thank you.” You can find a way to excise whatever it is you can no longer tolerate in a less Plutonian (i.e., burn it all to the ground) manner, yes? You may be feeling the urge to cut to the quick more personally if you have a planet or angle around 26 degrees of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer or Libra. Senator Susan Collins (R-ME) has Venus at 26 Capricorn. I wonder how her values are being challenged to transform these days, hmm?
  • SATURDAY: Communication flows easily along practical lines as the perfection-seeking Virgo Moon trines Mercury at 3:08 PM ET. Over the next 24 hours or so, we may notice efforts to make a dream come true. At 6:07 PM ET, Moon opposes Neptune, facilitating a need for a perfect escape, mulled wine, sweet music or words misunderstood.
  • SUNDAY: Night owls can benefit from the potent creativity of the Moon’s trine to Venus and Pluto, exact at 3:11 AM and 3:39 AM ET. Everyone may benefit from the ensuing long Moon void, offering double permission to sleep in on a Sunday without consequence. Moon enters Libra at 11:23 AM ET, shifting gears into the realm of relationship, especially harmony, fairness and balance. A need for idealism may be revealed around 4:28 PM ET, as Mercury sextiles Neptune. At 9:23 PM ET, the Libra Moon’s need for fairness is challenged by the Capricorn Sun’s objective of getting things accomplished Just Because. Happy First Quarter Moon!

To be continued…and here’s the 411 on gift certificates and personal consultations.

Thank you for reading this forecast. I promise a big news update is on the way!!

Here is Beth Owl’s Daughters’ always-in-sync Tarot Card of the Week. She. Is. Awesome!

Happy birthday to Capricorn!