Charts in the News: Kamala Harris, Leana Wen, Laura Dern & More

This commentary was written in June 2019 and originally published in the August/September issue of The Mountain Astrologer.  It was fascinating to see how the disruptive patterns seen in Leana Wen’s horoscope manifested in her sudden departure from Planned Parenthood in mid-July. 

UPDATE: it’s July 30, 2020 — and Biden said he would announce his VP pick next week. There’s big buzz about Kamala Harris, who will have the second pass of transiting Saturn squaring her Sun-Moon opposition. Could be a separation or loss; could be the assumption of heavy personal responsibility. Later in August — around the time the Democrats formally nominate their candidate, Harris will have her exact Nodal return, suggesting increased connection with the public.

UPDATE: On August 11th, Biden announced Harris as his running mate.

Aug/Sep 2019-Charts In The News



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